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December 2002
5763 Tevet

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An increasing number of research works on the history and culture of Jews in Ukraine bear fruit not only in the center but in the province, as well. Numerous publications attest to this. Of importance is the fact Jewish communities, kheseds, volunteers have taken to studying history.

Unfortunately, the events in Europe in mid-XX century, especially the WWII, led to destroying a huge number of material cultural sources the Jewish people had been creating over many centuries in many Ukraine's regions, western ones in particular. In the course of war German invaders quickly occupied them. The Jews, bearers of the ancient culture, were practically totally exterminated, and their belongings, documents, religious and culture objects were robbed and destroyed. The material objects, documents, sources kept in archives and museums didn't escape their sad lot, too.

That's why the task of preserving what is left (be it little) acquires particular importance.

The Volyn researchers have prepared an interesting and necessary edition - "Catalogue "Jewish heritage" (from the stocks of Volyn museum of local history and state archives of the Volyn region)". This small brochure describes 78 objects: its name, date, condition, source and way of its receiving, inventory museum number. The described objects include written monuments, material sources, photo sources, fine arts.

The brochure contains interesting information on the documents of six archives of Jewish institutions and organizations with 1016 available units. These materials characterize the activity of Jewish self-governing bodies from 1841 till 1939, include lists of communities, synagogues and prayer houses, Jewish parties, schools.

Beside these archives, a researcher will pay attention at a number of state institutions in the Polish period of Volyn's history (1921-1939) containing information about Jewish organizations in Volyn.

I tend to hope everybody keen on the Jewish history in Ukraine will find the brochure "Jewish heritage" interesting and useful. It is prepared by a candidate of historic sciences E. Ogneva, chief curator of the archives of Volyn museum of local history N.Pushkar and head of information department of Volyn region archives A. Kravchuk and printed with the support of Kiev Jewish community center "Mishpakha".


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