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December 2002
5763 Tevet

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Menorah towering in the center of a town house which walls are made of Jerusalem stone, a row of benches with plates bearing names of Jerusalem's central streets in Hebrew and Ukrainian, a silver bas-relief with panorama of David's tower... That's how a Jerusalem courtyard "Kikar Zion" looks. It was solemnly opened in the territory of Jewish agency December 5.

The ceremony was attended by the head of "Sokhnut" in Ukraine and Moldova Alex Kats, Ambassador of State of Israel Anna Azari, representative of the state administration Vladimir Novik, attache of the Ministry of Israel's security colonel Khamada Ganim, Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine Yaakov Dov Bleich, as well as nearly 200 honorary guests and several journalists. There could have been more of them but that very evening the community center "Podsolnukh" ("Sunflower") hosted a festival of Jewish book "OFEK", and the leader of "Our Ukraine" faction Victor Yushchenko lit Hanukkah in Kiev's Central synagogue.

Though, participants of the "Kikar Zion" opening could complain of nothing. Since the event was held outdoors in far from the warmest season, the "Sokhnut" leadership saw to establishing a huge tent in the yard. Hot air was continuously pumped into the tent, and a multitude of white-gloved waitresses promptly delivered diverse drinks and snacks. Consequently, the atmosphere was warm in all meanings of this word.

In the concluding part flags of Ukraine, Israel and Jewish agency were hoisted, hymns of two states were performed.

They informed in the Jewish agency that "Kikar Zion" was opened to show solidarity with the State of Israel and with inhabitants of Jerusalem in particular.


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