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December 2002
5763 Tevet

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A solemn rewarding in the framework of the nomination "Jewish community leaders of the year" has recently taken place in Kiev. Khariton Abramovich was recognized the best in the nomination " The Jewish journalist of the year". He is a head of the city Jewish community and of the Sholom-Aleikhem Ukrainian community of Jewish culture in Bila Tserkva. Khariton Berman is a person of an interesting destiny.

He is a native of Rovno. On leaving school he entered the Stalingrad medical institute. When Germans came up to Stalingrad he volunteered to the front. Lieutenant Khariton Berman urged the encircled Germans (speaking excellent German to the megaphone) tosurrender. Destiny was merciful to Khariton Abramovich. He went through the war from Stalingrad to Prague twice wounded.

After the war he graduated from the Kiev medical institute. Since 1953 he lives in Bila Tserkva, works as a district doctor, director of therapeutic department and chief cardiologist of the town, supervises the scientific therapeutic community in Bila Tserkva.

But his interests were not restricted only to the medicine. He studied thoroughly the world history and history of the Jews. He was one of the founders of the Jewish culture society founded in Kiev in late eighties. And this was not by chance. In 1989 such society was founded in Bila Tserkva. Since then Khariton Abramovich has been its permanent chairman.

One can envy his energy, enthusiasm and capacity for work. Khariton Abramovich was twice elected a deputy of the Bila Tserkva town council. He is a presidium member of the Jewish Council of Ukraine, a member of the Ukrainian Jewish Confederation' Council of regions, of the United Community of Jews of Ukraine, deputy president of Kiev regional community, a member of the World coordinating committee BUND, honored worker of JCU. A man of generous soul, he can't but share his knowledge with others. That's why he writes much about the history of a suffering Jewish nation as well as of the world history, shares his recollections of the past, of his meetings with prominent people. For several years his articles are published in popular Jewish newspapers, both in Ukraine and beyond its borders.

We are very happy to hear the news of his receiving a title of the "Jewish journalist of the year".

We are proud of you, our dear Chairman!


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