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December 2002
5763 Tevet

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The development of the Middle East conflict is nowadays determined rather by the policy of Palestinian administration interested in keeping up the confrontation through acts of terror, than by the actions of Israeli government.

Arab countries support Yassir Arafat's policy in every respect, despite serious contradictions in other questions.

The world community and European countries in particular, as the analysis of the recent events shows, are obliged to occupy a pro-Arab position, being pressed by numerous Arabic communities.

Apart from this, a present-day situation is characterized by a massive and professionally organized work of Arab and other biased media. Another peculiarity is a coordinated activity of Arabs and their allies aimed at forming a proper public opinion in the majority of countries, including CIS countries and Ukraine in particular.

The role of European Diaspora becomes increasingly important, especially in the countries where it is rather influential.

As before, Israel needs public support to oppose misinforming and slandering the true situation in the region and around it. The Sholom-Aleikhem society considers Jewish organizations can and must be more active in showing their attitude towards the events in the Near East. We are endowed with the right envisaged by the Constitution to use methods of influence on the public opinion and on the Ukrainian state policy concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict.

We would like Jewish organizations to take part in creating a permanent forum under a working name "For peace and accord in Sacred Land".

Leadership of the Sholom-Aleikhem society.

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