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December 2002
5763 Tevet

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October 21 - 23 Dnepropetrovsk hosted the II International scientific conference "Problems of Holocaust in Ukraine". 240 persons representing different academic organizations of Ukraine, Great Britain, Israel, USA, Holland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus and other countries took part in it.

The conference discussed themes of the history of Jews in the former USSR, philosophical, ethnic, psychological problems of Holocaust, it consequences for the history of the second half of XX century, reflection of Holocaust in literature and art, teaching of Holocaust lessons as well as issues related to the history of Ukraine and Europe in the XX century. Heated discussions flared up while debating at section meetings urgent problems linked to, first of all, teaching of Holocaust history to children and adults in different CIS countries. Definitions, interpretations, order of teaching materials, importance of different themes - these issues were highlighted in speeches by representatives of Fastov and Warsaw, Feodosia and Voronezh, Rostov-na-Donu and Auschwitz, Berlin and Dnepropetrovsk and many others. Representatives from Chernovtsy, Haifa, Kiev, Jerusalem, Brest, Saint - Petersburg, Donetsk secured a high scientific level for the conference. The conference worked practically without intermissions during three days. The work did not stop in the canteen and hotel. The majority of the participants believe the main outcome of their work is a particular feeling emerging when people indulge in a common, very important and necessary cause. This is the cause of preserving memory of Holocaust, of learning one of the most awful tragedies in the history of humanity. This work is the guarantee that nothing, like Shoah, happens again to any nation on the Earth.

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