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November 2002
5763 Kislev

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Grigory Burban headed in Odessa one of large trading firms - the "Algri" corporation. On the eve of a terrible act of terror in Moscow, when the Theatre center in Dubrovka was seized, he departed with his wife on a business trip. His business partners undertook some efforts to provide him with two tickets for a popular musical. Yes, the show was on namely that tragic evening... The famous Odessa entrepreneur as well as many others trapped by terrorists became their victim having shared a bitter lot of those hostages who failed to survive. President of Russia asked forgiveness from the nearest and dearest of all victims, so, Grigory Markovich including...

These days the "Algri" office is filled with sadness and sorrow. Many staff members couldn't keep from crying near Grigory Burban's portrait. They recalled extraordinary kindness and tactfulness of their director. He precipitated to help all people in need whatever position at the firm they occupied. When a woman-employee lost her father, Grigory Markovich immediately offered money for the trip and funeral. The tragedy took away a guy's father - a caring director is again nearby. A car of a young woman gets into a crash, much money is needed for repair works as well as understanding in traffic police headquarters... Grigory Burban commits himself to helping in everything. He was in a hurry to bring good to others... Those who knew Grigory Burban for a long time underline his unusual for our troublesome times disinterestedness. February 15, 2003 he would only be forty. But he has done much.

Grigory Burban made the "Algri" corporation a prosperous enterprise. The firm's contribution to the city budget was invariably significant, its charitable support - generous.

Grigory Markovich was an active participant of the Odessa Judaic religious community Khabad "Shomrei Shabos", eagerly made donations for its activity.

The Jewish community deeply mourns together with all those who knew Grigory Markovich Burban.

"Shomrei Shabos", Odessa

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