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November 2002
5763 Kislev

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More than twenty editors of Jewish newspapers of Ukraine gathered October 18 -19 for a work meeting in the Kiev institute for social and community workers.

The President of the Jewish Council of Ukraine and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Jewish News" Ilya Levitas stated their point of view on the role of Jewish mass media in community construction. Mikhail Frenkel, editor of the "Einikait" paper, Honoured journalist of Ukraine spoke about the specificity of the Jewish press in Ukraine and about the prospects of its development.

Vladimir Katsman, the head of the publishing house " News of the Capital", told about the problems of covering the campaign against anti-Semitism.

Fedor Lebedev, a famous producer of documentary films, showed the sketches of his new film to the guests. These were fragments about the danger of fascist trends in Russia and Ukraine.

Two days of fruitful work and exchange of experience ended in electing the Council of the Jewish Mass Media Association.

Mihail Frenkel, who deals with Jewish mass media for over ten years, was elected a Chairman of the Council.


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