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November 2002
5763 Kislev

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The world is again shocked and indignant. A painful drama instead of the musical "Nord Ost" ran high on the stage of Moscow theatrical center in Dubrovka. Peaceful and innocent people were taken hostages by terrorists. A score of bloody victims was opened the first day. There also were victims during the operation of the hostages' release carried out by Russian Spetsnaz. The majority of people were saved and terrorists were liquidated. The world breathed with relief.

But there is one thing concerning events in Moscow that stirs up not only justified anger in our souls but other feelings, too. The Russian government, proceeding from its geo-political interests, has been applying a strategy of double standards towards world terrorism for a long time. If Chechen separatists commit acts of terror the Russian authorities consider this gangsterism. If a bus explodes in Tel Aviv - it is another fragment of the "opposition in Middle-East conflict". And, again, hardly had the Russian President learnt about hostage- taking in Moscow that he compared this with acts of terror in Indonesia and Philippines. He didn't say a word about murders of peaceful Israelis. At once Yasser Arafat, a friend of Moscow for many years, declares about his "indignation by the act of terror". The League of Arab Countries echoes him. But the question is where this very League was when Jewish children where killed in the "Dolphinarium"? Nobody heard any indignation. So, everything is clear with Arafat and the League.

But the Moscow leaders have to finally understand a simple thing. The struggle against terrorism on the Russian territory will become successful only when Russia, having rejected the Soviet policy of double standards, comes out against terror in other places of the planet acting together with the civilized world.

There exists a special term "Stockholm syndrome". It designates a situation when victims of terrorists start acting in concert with their tormentors. In fact, those pursuing the policy of double standards while opposing the world terrorism - plague of the XXI century - act in the same way.


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