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October 2002
5763 Cheshvan

about one incidental (?) "Personnel" provocation
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Life proves the words of the great poet "It is difficult to predict how our word will respond..." Speaking figuratively, I, my dear reader, like a Turkish subject Ostap Ibrakhimovich Bender, got "under the horse" not long ago. This playful horse turned out to be the "Personnel" magazine (№8, 2002). It is a rather odious magazine under the no less odious International Personnel Management Academy (IPMA). I mean the article published in this magazine with the notorious title-slogan "Get rid of militant Zionism!"

Recently I have been watching very attentively for the scandal around the President of the IPMA G.Shchekin, his enterprise and the "Personnel" magazine. But I never expected that I would be involved in this case.

I got shocked when one of my acquaintances phoned me and read some passages from a bulky scientific text published in "Personnel" in polemics column.

In the article signed by the President of German community in Kiev Mr.Heinrich Adler-Garms, Doctor of Economics, and Associate-Professor Nikolay Zavadovsky-Gerdler, I found a standard and well-known set of purl expressions like "one of the varieties of world domination - international Zionism", "pro-Zionism mass media and loud-voiced orators that can't close their mouths", etc. The authors wished "to finally solve" the problem of identity of Zionists and fascists, appealed "to curb vicious and excessive activity of forces that want to dominate in collectives, countries and in the whole world", blamed the representatives of the "God-chosen people" for what they did with "God's son 33 years B. C." and stated that the "original reason of the Palestine and Israeli conflict is economic, social, ecologic-demographic terrorism of international Zionism", etc., etc.

There are also two quotations, which I want to render in full.

The first one:" When analyzing the problem one can clearly see the reasons of the conflict with German Diaspora over the whole post-Soviet territory. During 80 post-revolutionary years the "motor" of the party, repressive and other kinds of power was influential Jews. It was they who decided whether the "tsarist-German bantlings" should live or not. Whether the "German-bourgeois elements" should have property and freedom, whether there should be a German Republic on the Volga, whether the "gentiles" should be punished with unemployment, prison, exile or even death for the innocent (?!) word "Yid"... The power of Zionist-Communism had repressed and annihilated millions of Soviet people, including Germans, long before fascism began killing Jews, Gypsies, Satanists and homosexuals. Now Jewish leaders, through manipulating with the burden of guilt of the former German rulers, have gained the exclusive right for their people to live permanently in the FRG. This anti-German procedure was done by the Zionist scenario." I think that the first quotation is very clear and needs no comments.

The second quotation, however, concerns me personally. It is about the article published in "Jewish Observer" (N12 (31), 2002) on flourishing anti-Semitism in the IPMA. The quotation is:" We have already said about the odium of the term "anti-Semitism". But there is something more. There is an "opposition" article by Dmitry Gokhvat on the same page of "Jewish Observer". This kind and thoughtful author (italicized by me) writes: "... There are many people, like me, who understand that something is wrong with the Jewish life in Ukraine". Together (italicized by me) with D.Gokhvat, we want the Jewish life in Ukraine to be all right. However, we think that to have it all right one must avoid using such conceited terms as "God-chosen people", to bring the "privatized property" to the budget and not to blame for "anti-Semitism those who sincerely want Jews to get rid of militant Zionism (italicized by me)".

Having read these guidelines from German "comrades", I think that we all, members of Jewish community, should close the ranks and shoulder to shoulder with our German and other "comrades" should advance against any international and intergalaxy Zionist militant dregs.

The last pearl-quotation reminds me the episode from my favorite film "Seventeen instants of spring" when SS officer Otto Shtirlits plays the tape to old pastor Shlug about his anti-fascist talks with a Gestapo agent Klaus. I think that the old and wise pastor had been as morally depressed at that moment as I was after reading the above quotation.

With childish naughtiness and immediacy but with the adult experience the authors of the article in "Personnel", who are rather respectable gentlemen (the first one is a lawyer, the second is the Doctor of Economics), managed to take my words out of the context (which was on the different topic), distort and turn the original meaning inside out. In fact, they enrolled me among their ranks, having imprinted my prideful profile on their flag.

I have to remind that my article "Dirty linen from the Jewish house (or model of Jewish democracy in default)" was about the negative tendencies in our Jewish community life, which we should overcome and root out. In particular, I wrote about the necessity of overcoming consumerism in our Jewish community, about bureaucracy of some community leaders, volunteer movement development, about the inadmissibility of stealing humanitarian aid, etc. I can reaffirm now everything I wrote in that article.

In my response to you I'll avoid using the term "anti-Semitism", which you do not like so much. There is another acceptable term (not of Jewish but of Greek origin) to describe your polemic article. It is "xenophobia", which means an obtrusive fear (and hatred) of unknown (strange) people.

As to the interpretation of my words, I have to remind my imaginary comrades-in-arms that old Doctor Gebbels said once that "the more horrible lie, the better it is accepted". Your compliments to me " this kind and thoughtful author" strongly remind me of paralytic anesthesia accompanied by stings of poisonous and blood-sucking insects like spiders and other mosquitoes.

With strong persistence you are looking through the holes in the fence into our Jewish community yard to find answers to your problems, blaming us for all your mischief. You are scanning our information space and are using our first-hand materials (newspapers and magazines). Like naughty and gorged children, you pick out plums from the roll, quotations, to support your obsessive ideas. Why not to pin some "opponent" to the wall with his own quotation! It does not matter that the borrowed quotation has been intentionally distorted in its meaning.

So, if it goes like this, I also decided to use original materials to find out "Wer ist das?" (Who is this?). I opened the web-site of your organization (www.germany.co.ua), the address of which you had kindly written at the end of your article, and was surprised to read in your materials about the bureaucracy of German community leaders, about the struggle for power over German public organizations, about stealing humanitarian aid (German), about nepotism, mischief and trouble, about emigration barriers and relations of German metropolis with local authorities, etc.

I also read the by-laws of the Kiev Public organization "German Fraternity in Ukraine", in particular the section "Mission Statement", which clearly runs: "To establish and promote relations with other national minorities, as well as with the Committee for National Minorities of Ukraine". I also looked at your registration data and at the photo of your leader. I saw a normal, "kind" (quotation) face of the author of the polemic article with a "thoughtful" (quotation) outlook.

During its long history the Jewish and German minorities and the whole Ukrainian people have equally suffered much of repression, e.g. are of common historic fate. We live on the same land, work for its benefit and bring up our children. We have with you common similar problems and, I tend to hope, aims and tasks. As well as, it seems to me, common interrelated future. In any case, for those who intend to go on living on the Ukrainian land. After my inner convictions I am an internationalist in normal, human understanding of this. That's why I categorically deny labeling entire nations as criminal and vicious ones and, moreover, measuring skulls and any statistic "computations" with regard to somebody's "national domination" to justify one's own failures.

Then what did you want from us, misters? Do you want to be individually called upon, like cat Leopold did, "Guys, let's live in peace!?" Or do you want us to humbly agree to your slandering us?

You, surely, do not like the biggest achievement of independent Ukraine - "INTERETHNIC PEACE AND TRANQUILITY" - and you are anxious to organize any provocation on the national ground.

Misters, it is not worth the trouble - take to something useful and productive in your own, German community! Moreover, as it turns out, there's a lot to be done in it.

We, the Jews, will "settle OUR accounts" on our own, single-handedly, without your ostentatious compassion and anxiety. We will try to do without provocations in the style of agent Klaus and other Santa Klaus's with their tainted presents to your Jewish New Year. The body of Jewish community movement is sure to overcome the ailments it suffers from now. It will not be otherwise!

If it occurred to you I can side with you in your Jewish "Undertakings" - "Entschuldigen Sie!" - You've mistaken! - "We are on different buses, I have another route".

Finally, I would like to once more wish you, Herren Heinrich Adler-Garms and Nikolay -Zavadovsky-Gerdler, to be more reasonable and tolerant in your further publications on interethnic relations, to observe the "kindness and pensiveness" you have kindly noted in me.

Internationally yours, and (so far, unfortunately) without my regards to you.


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