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October 2002
5763 Cheshvan

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A Vinnitsa regional association of former prisoners of fascism and their rescuers "Eternal monument" is the only one in Ukraine to repeatedly hold, over a decade, meetings of humanists - antifascists. Its founder and coordinator has been and remains Myuda Gekhman - a person able to unite spirituality and wisdom of people of different nationalities, even of diverse outlooks.

These meetings attract all those who champion Justice, Humaneness, Concord and Peace, who are troubled by the expansion of evil and dictatorship leading to totalitarianism, extremism and fascism.

This year I have also been invited to take part in "Forum of righteous men" dedicated to victims of Nazism in the years of Great Patriotic war.

Almost all my nearest perished in the war: a 17-year old sister was shot dead together with my mother's sisters and their children - 10 persons in total.

Father and elder brother perished on the front. My mother and I were saved by the inhabitants of Bershad, who have been awarded a title "Righteous men of Peace". There were five of them, two have already died. Myuda Gekhman helped me draw up papers in this very important matter.

An Odessa resident Semen Glikman told how his fellows-countrymen honor memory of the perished and of Righteous men of peace.

Rudolph Mirsky, professor in philosophy of the Lviv University, president of Ukrainian academy of history and culture named after Shimon Dubnov made a highly emotional speech.

A former teacher of history, now pensioner, righteous man of peace Ivan Gonchar dwelt on the educational work to humanize the society.

Maria Kirilyuk, Zozanya Litke, Lia Tegurnova, Natalia Morozova... Unfortunately, I am not able to name all interesting forum participants.

The forum received greetings from different cities and countries.

Myuda Gekhman, a forum coordinator, enthusiastic woman, knows to understand people, to unite them for the sake of peace and accord.

Many thanks to everybody who assisted in organizing this forum. During all this time I felt myself like on other planet where Good, Conscience, Spirituality rule. We all were united by a desire to live in peace, accord, to know to cherish this wealth.


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