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December 2001
5762 Tevet

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A concert of the "Klezfest-2001 in Ukraine" participants was held in the capital of Estonia (Tallinn) on November 10. It was organized with the help of the Jewish community of Estonia (Chairman - Tsilya Laud). The participants were: singer Marina Yakubovich, "Kharkov klezmer band" - Stas Raiko (leader-violin), Gennadiy Fomin (clarinet), Valeryi Polonsky (accordion), Mikhail Krupnikov (drums, vocal), Abas Zulfugarov (double-bass), brothers - Timur Fishel from Tallinn (guitar) and Pavel Fisher from Kiev (piano).

The concert was held at the recently restored concert hall of the Jewish school. It was built before WWII. Several years ago the school was handed over to the Jewish community.

The participant made a deep impression on the Estonian audience. Marina Yakubovich's showed the whole range of the Jewish song. The audience heard traditional klezmer music which is under revival now and becomes more and more popular in many countries of the world. There was much youth among the audience who heard the music for the first time. There were also people who survived the Holocaust and for whom Yiddish was native. The party ended in the famous song "Ale brider" (We are all brothers). The audience joined in singing it. Then all musicians came out and danced. It became a tradition already. This was the first concert of such a high level after the independence of Estonia and the revival of Jewish life in the country. The participants learned about the work of the Jewish community in Estonia and went sightseeing of Tallinn.

Organizers of "Klezfest in Ukraine" Yana and Boris Yanover discussed with the leaders of Estonian community farther steps to promote Jewish music and songs from Ukraine in Estonia and other countries of the Baltic-Scandinavian region.


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