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December 2001
5762 Tevet

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Some Jewish functionaries complain from time to time that three is "almost nothing about the Jews" in the Ukrainian press. Why, there is something. But it seems that the "Jewish question" is the favorite subject for the people with the definite attitude towards it.

For, instance, a pensioner E.Malakhovsky writes in the "Russian Crimea" about a "Yiddish yoke" lasting since the times the Bolsheviks came to power. The aim is only one - having told about his "most painful thoughts" he is eager to call on the readers to vote in favor of the "Russian movement of the Crimea" at the coming elections. The publication, naturally, contains the data on the percentage of the Jews in the Bolshevik government, provides the information about which of the Bolshevik leaders had Jewish wives etc. In a word, "the power in Russia was completely seized by the Jews - "Yiddish yoke!"

The author informs how many millions of dollars "Lenin - Blank" had in the Swiss and American banks, how rich Trotsky (Bernstein) was. And only Stalin after Lenin's death started demanding to return the stolen money to restore the destroyed Russian economy - plants and factories. "He largely succeeded in that, due to which the country began getting on its feet". "Feeling counteraction on the part of the Jews Stalin started arresting the Lenin Guards and sending them to the concentration camps created by them. That was the first attempt of de- Zionization of the country but the war intervened".

"In 1951 Stalin issued a secret decree to vacate all leading posts in the Soviet Army from the persons of the Jewish nationality". And again "the life standard of the peoples in Russia began drastically increasing". "That was the second de- Zionization attempt". "The Zionists greatly disliked that, the gritting of their teeth was heard throughout the whole world. In 1953 Stalin was killed. After Joseph Vissarionovich's death the Jews again seized the power in the country through the party structures". Naturally, the life standard began immediately declining, as well as "the birth rate of Russian women". Here the author gives "awesome" statistic data and draws the conclusion: "Here they are, the results of the Yiddish yoke".

Today as well, "the Zionists, possessing a centuries-old experience of stupefying the peoples, have penetrated into all public, government and party structures, into mass media, into the Russian national patriotic movement where they struggle for their supremacy against the Russians resorting to all dodges. The Russians should wake up and realize that the Jews can bring about nothing but death".

The author asserts, "The Russian fascists have never existed, nor they do nowadays. All charges against them are unfounded". Whereas "Zionism is a Jewish fascism. The Zionists believe the Jewish nation is a particular one, chosen by the God, so it should rule the world. The Judaic God Jehovah is a devil, this nation is chosen by the Devil. The Jewish nation has brought people nothing but evil, blood and grief". Finally, the author arrives at the purpose of the article - the election: "there are plenty of Jews in the leadership of some parties. The parliamentary election is coming, so they are doing their best, poor things". "Or let's take the newspapers: "Suvorovskaya Slava", Russkaya Tavrida", "Crimskaya Iskra", - these newspapers avert the Russians from the struggle for their national dignity. These newspapers switch the anger target from the Jews at the Tatars".

"At present the Crimea witnesses the emergence of a voluntary commonwealth of the Russian people - this is the "Russian movement of Crimea", part of the "Russian movement of Ukraine". I call on the people to support this Russian movement. Vote for the Russian movement of theCrimea, for its representation in the Parliaments of Kiev and Simferopol".

Well, everything now is clear and familiar - "Save Russia". Further I cite the lines from the material "Ideology of Manslaughter" published by the newspaper "Za Vilnu Ukrainu", which has recently declared about its alleged rupture with Judophobia. At a certain place we come across the following, "Under the totalitarianism we were simply stupefied. For instance, why was the coup scheduled for November 7? We were looking for the explanation in Lenin's different utterances, but everything turned out much simpler. The coup leader was not Lenin, but Leiba Trotsky, i.e. the direct leader, so he decided to seize the power on his birthday". There are also photos and caricatures of Trotsky with the inscription to put aside all doubts: "Leiba Bronshtein - Trotsky".

Yes, evidently, the promise is one thing but the favorite theme remains attractive.

As for the champion for the "cordial attitude" towards the Jews, this is undoubtedly the "Idealist". This is what it writes in its article called "Who robs Ukraine?". "The state currency reserves, - the publication informs, - went into private hands by means of the privatization. The satanic forces - oligarchs, who have usurped the power in Ukraine at all government levels, - are leading the people to atheism, poverty and extinction, and the state - to a complete destruction.

Not a single millionaire will share his robbed millions with the disappearing Ukrainians because all millionaires are Yids or Yid servants.

Not a single political party, none of the political blocks is able to save Ukraine because they all are financed by the oligarchs and work off Judah's silversmiths thrown at them. They all help tighten the rope around the neck of the Ukrainian people by just being unable to find courage to tell people the truth about the Yiddish capital buying Ukraine with all its people". Further comes the call on the people to leave parties and "to create residential structures of the Political Army of Ukraine (PAU)".

Finally, as a soul cry, the "Idealist" publishes the letter of the chairman of the Idealist Sumy regional organization of Ukraine.

On behalf of his organization, P. Golovchenko asks Anatoliy Zlenko to hand over to the US Embassy "the letter to the people, Congress and US President that contains views of many of our compatriots".

P. Golovchenko, referring to Anatoliy Zlenko, writes, "We also demand from you as a foreign policy statesman to lead Ukraine out of the state of war having reduced Ukraine's support of the anti-terrorist coalition to a moral one. The Yids are willing to exterminate Arabs and to achieve the world supremacy in this third world war with the help of many deceived countries. You are well aware that the world terrorist training center is located in the USA. You are also well aware that the Yiddish world supremacy plans were developed in the USA by Zionism - the world Yiddish bourgeoisie that now embraces 187 billionaires. They got their money though tears and blood, sufferings and deaths of tens and hundreds of millions of innocent people.

We will remind you about the revolutions, fratricidal civil wars, world slaughters of peoples, the Chernobyl catastrophe, brutal bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as those of Yugoslavia, the creation and collapse of the Yiddish empire of "eseseseriya" (90% of party and government posts there were taken by the Jews). The Yiddish supremacy in the "eseseseriya" brought about the deaths of 300 million Slavs.

The above-mentioned cataclysms occurred according to the "scenarios" developed by the American Yids. "Citizen Minister! When you gave you consent to become the Minister of Foreign Affairs you should have known about the named above "actions" of the world Zionists in details, and you should have considered it your duty to speak about them. Looking towards to your taking Ukraine out of the War".

That's true, they dream only about a war, about the war with the "world Zionism".


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