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December 2001
5762 Tevet

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The founding conference of the "Magen" League of Ukraine was held on November 27 in Kiev. Rabbis from many oblasts of Ukraine, leaders of big Jewish organizations, including the Jewish Confederation, Vaad, Federation of Jewish communities, "Sokhnut" and the Embassy of Jsrael participated in the conference. Organizer of the conference was the "Magen" League of Russia formed in May this year.

The participants of the conference anxiously underlined the growing activity of missionary groups towards the Jews of Ukraine. They stated that neither the ideas nor practice of such sect groups have anything to do with Judaizm. With the help of quotations taken out from the context the sectarians are trying to prove that Judaism and Christianity is the same, the one whole. They not only reject the right of each of traditional religions for its unique spiritual heritage but also jeopardize the good relations between different religions in Ukraine. The final resolution says that the activities of so-called "Messian" organizations may be considered as an attempt of spiritual genocide towards the Jewish population of the country.

The speakers at the conference were also the President of the "Magen" League Professor Alexander Lakshin, the League's legal consultant Sergei Shklyar and representatives from regions. After discussion, it was decided to set up Ukraine's own "Magen" League. The resolution about the uniform policy towards missionaries was also approved.

In the interview with the "Jewish Observer" correspondent Professor Lakshin said: "I would like to underline that orthodox clergy actively support our resistance to the missionaries. Like us, they consider their activities impermissible. So, any rumors that by resisting missionaries we also oppose Christianity are absolutely groundless.

Unfortunately, the missionaries are well funded and sometimes try simply to buy the "love" to their ideology from people living in difficult economic conditions. But we are not going to retreat and with the help of God we shall actively fight them.

Judaism is free of missionarism, but we should save and do not give the souls of the people of Torah, our Jews, to anybody".


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