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December 2001
5762 Tevet

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(Answer to Mr. Burakovsky).

Reading such articles I recall the Brezhnev times' anecdote. An American journalist tells his Soviet colleague, "Well, I can approach the White House and cry out: the US President is a swine!". The Soviet journalist replies, "We also have freedom of press. I can shout the whole day on the Red Square: the American president is a swine! - and nobody will do anything to me".

I wonder why do the USA Jews keep silence? When the terrorists are made statesmen and officially welcome in the USA. When Arafat is awarded the Nobel Prize. When the Iraqi missiles fall into Israel, and the States ask the latter not "to stick out". When the Americans finance the Arab armies.

When Israel is not invited to join the anti - terrorist coalition. When the Jewish blood is shed, and the US asks Israel to show patience and understanding. The only country today where it is possible to kill Jews without any punishment is Israel. Sharon of nowadays is depicted as the intifada reason. Well, of course, I've already come across it somewhere. The Goebbels' propaganda also tried to persuade the Jews were guilty themselves. If they had quietly sat in the cellars there would not have been any "Crystal night", any Catastrophe.

I wonder why do the US Jews keep silence when the Jews in Ukraine die due to the lack of medicines? Do they hope for the German and Swiss money? Why do the US Jews keep silence when the cost of a food parcel for the poor is 20% less to reduce its very cost? Why not to increase the number of food products in the parcel for the same money? (Read the interview by the Director of the Kiev Khesed N. Gomberg in the "Jewish Observer", No 14(17)). Why do the American Jews keep silence when the cemeteries with the graves of their ancestors are destroyed, when the ancient synagogues collapse?

I think, we all have many different questions, but, in the first turn, we are to ask ourselves. This is the rule for everybody for all times.


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