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August 2002
5762 Elul

«MISHPAKHA - 2002»
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For already several subsequent years the American distribution fund "Joint" organizes camps for children and youth from different regions of Ukraine. This year is not an exception. A camp-seminar "Mishpakha of Donetsk region - 2002" passed on the Azov seacoast June 17 - July 1. 180 youngsters from different towns of the Donetsk region (Donetsk, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Gorlovka, Makeevka, Artemovsk) enjoyed their stay on the sea during each of two shifts (per. 7 days). A big work had been done prior to the opening of the camp-seminar. Several days before its beginning all madrikhs and educational officials got together to hold a pre-camp seminar.

The staff of the Dnepropetrovsk community center (director Masha Krasnaya) organized the seminar and was rendering a continuous support. The most active members of the community centers of Dnepropetrovsk region composed a team of madrikhs.

The main theme of the camp program this time became a "Jewish calendar". Day by day the seminar participants discovered and participated in many Jewish holidays. A warm Azov sea, cosy holiday hotel "Mirny" and friendly atmosphere - this everything proposed a pleasant recreation, easy communication, new acquaintances.

The program of the camp-seminar was diverse and rich. Each of us attended lessons in studying Torah, lectures on history, traditions and culture.

Evenings welcomed us with contests, competitions, quizzes and, naturally, Jewish humor. Parents discovered talents of poets, actors and singers in their children as well as in themselves. Director of "Yeshiva Ktana" (the Donetsk synagogue) Menakhem Mendel Golod and director of "Esh a-Torah" Mark Bruk with his family were honorable guests of the seminar.

The time flew by imperceptibly. The parting day came. Somebody discovered new pages of the Jewish history, somebody acquainted himself with the Jewish traditions and kashrut, ways of meeting Sabbath.


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