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August 2002
5762 Elul

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July 22 a briefing for journalists timed for a working visit to Ukraine by a "Sokhnut" press secretary Efraim Lapid was held in the building of Jewish agency "Sokhnut" in Kiev. The briefing chiefly highlighted inability of the present Palestinian leadership to reach a compromise.

During the briefing it was particularly underlined Israel will never cede to terrorism, and TSAKHAL is one of the most efficient armies in the world, if not the best in the struggle against this evil. As an example it was said that TSAKHAL is able to liquidate by means of a helicopter a terrorist grouping's leader on the third floor in Shkhem to leave his surrounding intact. Over 25 journalists were present including the representatives of leading Ukrainian TV-channels and other mass media.

But less than 24 hours later Israel was not quite precise in exterminating a terrorist Shkada, and the Israeli government began, under international pressure, repenting of having killed peaceful citizens around the murderer...

Is it correct to play against a relentless enemy after human rules? Whose is responsible not to let peaceful population become a striking target? Should a bloody terrorist himself care not to expose his entourage to danger?

The seizure of the Temple with priests in Bethlehem as well as terrorist's encircling himself with children manifestly fall under a common denominator which mean content is to hide behind others' backs!

Vladimir Putin's most famous, probably, phrase "we shall drown them in the loo, too" became, in its time, the talk of the town. Meanwhile, few remember now that this was a response to a journalist's question concerning deaths of a guiltless civil population while exterminating Chechen terrorists. The answer of the acting President of Russia was, approximately, as follows: we shall exterminate terrorists everywhere we shall find them. The words about the loo were to strengthen the impression, say, we shall find them there, too!

Children, naturally, must not be killed. Israel as a democratic state has, undoubtedly, no right to use the same destructive and inhuman methods of terrorists. But if Israel declares an uncompromising war on terrorism (which has repeatedly been declared about), it is reasonable to single out rules of this war, at least, like Putin did it. This is to let the world realize terrorists themselves are answerable for security of their compatriots. If Israel indeed intends to win over terrorism, it shouldn't care about the enemies but just demonstrate they have no chances for success.


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