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August 2002
5762 Elul

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The scheme is drawn in accordance with:

  • plan of Kiev and its suburbs, composed in 1941 according to last data by Kiev City surveyors.
  • plan of Kiev of 1923-1925, Krasnoarmeysk camp sheet 434, Babiy Yar sheet 435.
  • plan of Kiev, composed according to film materials of 1946-1947 by the "Kievproekt" institute in 1945.
  • plan of borders of cultural-historical preserves and restricted areas of historic and cultural monuments in the district of Babiy Yar in Kiev, 1979.

1. "... place of mass shootings -upper reaches of Babiy Yar (southern part). About 100 meters to the west was the beginning of the Syretsk concentration camp territory (before the war there was a military educational camp) in the district of present Shamrylo and Dorogozhitskaya streets...

... At this place over 20 thousand prisoners of the Syretsk concentration camp were exterminated. Most of them - war prisoners. Southern branch of Yar several meters deep at the beginning of the war was used as an antitank ditch. During the years of 1941-1945 Jews, Gypsies, members of underground organizations, party workers were shot, beside war prisoners. It is the place where the monument of 1976 towers. Next to it a wooden cross in memory of Ukrainians died in Babiy Yar was constructed".

Analytical information of the Main department for city construction and architecture. Investment department. "Historical and town-planning situation of the region where the construction of a Jewish community center in the district of Babiy Yar is proposed". Kiev. 2000

2. Monument to the killed Soviet citizens of 1976.

3. Evangelist cemetery.

4. Lodge of the Lukyanov Orthodox cemetery.

5. Mariavit cemetery.

6. Repair premises (separate buildings of the present bike-plant and former garages).


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