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15/34 August 2002
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Split, demoralization in the Palestinian society gathers. In these conditions KHAMAS strives to play an increasing role in autonomy.
Why are neither the mayor, nor Kiev Jewish organizations worried about the fact the Jewish theatre has no premises and the status of a communal enterprise?.
Impunity of anti-Semitism entails its propagation in mass media, penetration into court instances, into certain circles of intelligentsia, both rightist and leftist.
Babiy Yar... Namely this locality is considered the beginning of the Jewish Holocaust, the place of first mass shootings of Jews.


Israel. The XIX international Jerusalem film festival ended its work. The victory went to the film "Broken feathers" by director Nir Bergman. The best documentary's prize was awarded to the film by David Ben-Shitur "Spirit of Orient - Moroccan chronicles" about the life of Moroccan emigrants in Israel.

Mikhail Feldman

Georgia. Editor-in-chief of the magazine "Bnei Tsion" Ilya Moiseevich Brinner has marked his 85th jubilee. This magazine is published by "Joint" under the aegis of the charitable society "Khesed Eliyagu" in Tbilisi. Ilya Moiseevich is a Great Patriotic war participant, merited journalist of Georgia. Over many years he had been working in one of the most popular in Tbilisi newspaper "Vecherny Tbilisi". Representatives of the Jewish community congratulated him in the cultural center of "Joint" in Tbilisi.

Israel. Participants of the Association of armoured troops intend to open, with the government backing, a museum of WWII veterans next to the memorial of armoured units in Latrun. The Head of Association Menashe Inbar hopes the museum will show and tell about unknown heroic deeds of Jewish soldiers. "History of Jewish soldiers fighting in allied forces has never been openly told, - says he. - We know about Jews-victims of WWII, but we also shouldn't forget about heroism of Jewish soldiers".

Kazakhstan. A community festival of Jewish book was held in Alma-Ata. The festival program included: acquainting with the activity of a Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevic Zinger, the exhibition of children's book "We like reading", the exposition "Jews - the nation of book".

Romania. July 29 a museum was opened in the house writer Ely Vizel, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, had spent his childhood. The ceremony was attended by Vizel, President of Romania Ion Iliesku, representatives of USA and Israel. The museum in northwest of Siget will introduce an exhibition of Vizel's works and achievements of the Jewish culture in the region. Vizel said he "no more experiences sadness and bitterness". He thanked President of Romania for attention and support.

In 1944 Hungarian fascists deported the family of Vizels to the death camp in Auschwitz. Eli Vizel's parents and sister died.

Israel. The XV dance festival was held in the north of the country in Karmiel. Hundreds of armed people guarded the festival events. Only two dance collectives arrived from abroad due to tense inner situation: Latvian national ballet and dancers of Cherny theatre from Prague.

The Tbilisi House of cinema hosted a premiere of a joint with Israel documentary "Belated Kadish" created after the scenario of a famous Georgian State Prize laureate, Jewish newspaper 'Menorah" editor Guram Batiashvili. Directors of "Belated Kadish" are a S.Rustaveli National prize laureate Merab Korochashvili and a young representative of Georgia's artistic intelligentsia Georgy Toradze. The film is dedicated to communal graves scattered about the entire world and focuses on the grave of Ariel Sharon's grandmother in Tbilisi.

The film producer is Konstantin Mirilashvili.

- A man who is concerned about his ancestors' graves and who reads kadish on finding them will never establish pogroms on other graves, - says the film script writer. - The film discloses human traits of Ariel Sharon, his dramatic fate - a couple of years ago he visited his grandmother's grave in the Tbilisi Ashkenazi cemetery. The artistic and scientific intelligentsia of Tbilisi were the first to see the film to be followed by diplomats from different countries.

- We saw a new, unknown to us Sharon, - diplomats were saying, and the vice-speaker of Georgia's parliament Vakhtang Rchenlishvili noted, "I recalled my grandmother whose grave I have not been to for so long".

According to the film director Revaz Chkheidze, author of the legendary film "Father of a soldier", " This is a high class film with a wonderful scenario of writer Guram Batiashvili".

A people's artist, famous film and theatre producer Giga Lordkipanidze, academician Roin Metreveli and others talked about Ariel Sharon's activity, about "Belated Kadish". The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Israel to Georgia and Armenia Mrs. Rivka Koen underlined, "The film has singled out those sides of our Prime Minister people will start talking about. This is an unusually professional work".


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