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July 2002
5762 Av

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Everything began when the director of community and club programs Yevgenia Kalinina presented the head of a "Menorah" dance group Yana Kondakova with the invitation to an All-Ukrainian festival of Jewish art (city of Kiev) "Shalom Ukraine!" Being greatly impressed by the festival we, participants of the dance collective "Menorah", are eager to share our joy and to tell how many people have contributed to this victory.

A young promising choreographer Tanya Glushchenko selected two beautiful diverse dances: waltz "Erkala" and an energetic rousing Yemen dance "Nevi mitbar" ("Generation of a desert"). An experienced artist-designer (volunteer) Valentina Kaluzhnaya helped create costumes. The khesed administration financed the trip.

So, inspired by the help and care of friends we became participants of the festival "Shalom Ukraine!" The victory was far from easy as the festival consisted of two rounds: a qualifying one and gala-concert. Many collectives arrived to participate.. They were rather original and much eager to get a victory.

We put kind energy and will power into our dances. You may fancy our joy when after the "round table" of the jury members and heads of the ensembles-participants we learned our dance "Nevi Mitbar" was distinguished by the jury as the most emotional and character dance of the festival. We were happy.

Our dance collective "Memorah" not only became a laureate of the festival, but also received an invitation to take part in another festival of Jewish art next year.

This trip has united us, enabled to see a perspective and given us inspiration. We are happy to be able now to support traditions of our people, make people happy, bring up our children.

We shall gladly share our knowledge of the Jewish art with everybody.


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