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July 2002
5762 Av

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I have read an article Pigsty of Jewish graves published on your site. It stirs up a storm of feelings! It is clear that every normal person considers it awful.

Already for the second time I have such a feeling. Recently, my friends and me were in Crimea on an excursion. The final one was the excursion around Sebastopol. From the bus I noticed big stones near the road looking like gravestones. I asked the guide What was that? He answered that was a desolated Jewish cemetery and continued the excursion.

In the evening my friend and me decided to go there to have a look. The cemetery was 15 minutes away from our hotel. It was 9 oclock already and we took a lantern. This is what we saw there All gravestones removed from the places, fascist swastikas everywhere. Garbage, rags left by beggars in family crypts. We saw all this at night with the help of lantern. And what would be in daylight That is what Id like to ask about: is there anyone to care about the cemetery? Why is everything in such condition? The cemetery is divided in two parts, the first one consists of old graves (of the XIX century). It may be ruined due to the age. But what about more modern graves..? Could anyone care about all this? Ukraine has the Jewish community, Jewish centers and other organizations. The Jewish cemetery borders, as we understood, on a city one there the situation is absolutely different.

Darya Dyskina

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