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November 2001
5762 Kislev

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This is the name of the musical play staged at the Zaporoje people's theater of author's song. It will be 10 years soon since Elena Alekseyeva set up this theatre in Zaporoje. This is a small group of like-minded people without any official status and permanent premises. It stands on a naked enthusiasm but every year it yields new plays to the delight of its numerous admirers.

The cornerstone of the play is the symbol of the struggle between good and evil. It was laid by the producer Elena Gadzhilova. The idea to combine the poem "Kadish" by Alexander Galich and diary notes of Yanush Korchak belongs to the poet and playwright Yuriy Lopes from Moscow.

The play is about a physician, writer and pedagogue with the world fame, Korchak himself and his children from "Orphans' House". It is also about occupied Warsaw and the last road of the teacher and his pupils to the death camp in Tremblinka.

The theme of Yanush Korchak's death is brightly shown in the play. It helps the audience to understand the greatness of self-sacrifice for the sake of children, of life. The play promotes the ideas of humanism, human and national dignity, it is highly international and urgent nowadays. Perhaps, the leitmotiv of actions on the stage are the words: "War should be avoided." It is very urgent now when civil planes with extremists aboard in New York and American bombers in Afganistan can provoke the Third World War.

The premiere play was held at the National Musical Academy of Ukraine. It was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Babiy Yar tragedy.

The trip to Kiev was possible owing to the support of the Zaporoje oblast administration, All-Ukrainian fund "Scientific and educational center "Tkuma" (Revival), Jewish community center "Mazal Tov" and "Joint".

... It is dark in the empty hall. Half-sound man's voice spells names and surnames of Jewish children perished in the hell of WW II. After each name spelled a star lights on the ceiling dressed in black. Hundreds of stars lit soon make somewhat Milky Way that becomes the symbol of immortality and unbent human will.


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