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November 2001
5762 Kislev

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The exhibition of the Kiev painter German Gold was opened in the Jewish community center on November 14. The exhibition was supported by the Jewish fund of Ukraine.

Early last century people thought that fine arts would be replaced by photo and cinema. In our days we may say "and TV pictures" as well. Nevertheless, we always undoubtedly feel that civilization needs the arts that from the days of Jotto used to depict, show and explain the environment around us.

G. Gold's art is exactly in this area. His portrait of the French pilot Jane-Lui Tuilyan, commander of the air-squad "Normandia-Neman" and a legend of WW II, was numerously reproduced in the 70s.

In the painting you can see a human face resembling a show model. But the picture shows also the lyric and epic biography of the hero. The charm of this portrait is in the combination of presupposed likeness and pathos of choice made by the hero, by the man who lived in the epoch when different things happened to many people.

Gold's portraits combine the "portrait" likeness with the "biography" likeness.

A numerous series of the master's works depict the provincial and patriarchal Jewish world, incinerated and vanished.

Almost with the archeological accuracy the artist reconstructs the vanished life of his "fathers" and concurrently enriches the composition with the son's love. The sense of the composition is the artist's feeling, its lyrical agitation.

"There was the world and it was killed" - privately thinks one of the characters of "The White Guards" by Bulgakov. Gold depicts the perished world convincingly and with respect because these efforts are also the responsibility of the artist.

Gold's landscapes are also reminding. The reminding is about the calendar rotation of time to which the world is subjected. His landscapes remind us also about almost forgotten artistic tradition of depicting the world's calendar rhythm, the tradition that makes almost the main bulk of new European arts.

The works of Gold are also noted for a nagging ache of our parting with nature suppressed by civilization, a part of which we are.


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