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November 2001
5762 Kislev

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For many years an engineer military unit was stationed in Ostroga.

Its relocation that occurred several years ago brought about some sensational finds. It turned out that the basement of the car parking lot was made of ...the Jewish gravestones from the destroyed cemetery. Paradoxical as it may seem but probably due to such application those gravestones got well preserved. Nobody already knows nowadays how and who took the decision to lay the gravestones into the basement of the car park but it is not excluded that it was the only way to preserve the gravestones.

However, this absolutely unbridled outrage committed by the Ostroga inhabitants couldn't be accidental. GuennadiY Fraerman, the member of the JCU Council of Regions in the Rovno Region, informed the "Jewish Observer" that the Jewish gravestones were found recently in Ostroga on the compound of the local psychiatric hospital. They are used ...as pigsty's walls. It is simply impossible to invent something more monstrous for a Jewish monument. Most awful is the fact that this architectural anti-Semitism can also be observed today, probably, as an embodiment of the "final solution of the Jewish question" in the psychiatric hospital.

Only about 60 Jews reside now in Ostroga, the synagogue used for many years as a storehouse looks deserted and orphaned.

The Ostroga community chairman faces now a rather complicated problem. What is to be done with the discovered gravestones torn off their graves many years ago? The territory of the expropriated cemetery where the car park has been located for many years has been returned to the to the community. At present there is a plan to create a memorial of the gravestones found in the place left by the army.

"From the point of view of Judaism, - said the Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine, - gravestones do not get obsolete, the sanctity of the graves should always be observed. Consequently, all the gravestones must be returned onto their burial places". He called the use of the Jewish gravestones for the pigsty blasphemy and the act of anti-Semitism having underlined that this must be immediately stopped.


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