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November 2001
5762 Kislev

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Who pays - orders the music. This rule is, unfortunately, true for the Jewish as well as all-national conferences, seminars and congresses. In this respect the round table "Democracy and terror - the stronger will survive" held by the Israeli cultural center in the Kiev-Mogila Academy became a pleasant exception. The composition of the participants among whom there were only two Israelis (Anna Azari - Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine and Zeev Ben-Arye - the Embassy Councilor who was steering the conference)shows that an attempt was made to conduct an objective analysis of the problem. The majority of other speakers have never held pro-Israel views. The NASU Member-Correspondent Miroslav Popovich and the head of the UNESCO international chair Yuri Svyatko tried to define the notion of terror, its place in the history of the civilization. They outlined the main driving forces of terrorism - fear, worshipping an authority that emerge during the crucial moments of the history. The president of the Middle East studies center Igor Semivolos spoke on how terrorism can reach its goals at the historic scale and cited as an example the creation of the Palestinian Autonomy - the result of Israel's tiredness from the permanent war.

The brightest person of the round table was, undoubtedly, the political scientist, former UNA-UNSO leader Dmitry Korchinsky who shocked the audience with his sharp and sarcastic remarks. He began with the terrorism division into government and non-government, then he characterized the newest history having underlined that Israel had been created greatly due to the terrorist anti-Arab and anti-British activity of the Jewish underground organizations.

The opposite from Mr. Korchinsky flank was taken by the head of the "Ukraine-Israel" society Larissa Skorik who tried to confine each problem to the confrontation of the democratic and totalitarian worlds in which democrats are to win. Naturally, such position provoked a reminder of the inner contradictions in democracy because the very ill famed Taliban movement was, in its time, supported by the Americans in the struggle against the Soviet occupation troops. It should also be mentioned that the last anti-terrorist campaigns together with the restrictions of personal freedoms of the American citizens endanger the biggest world democracy. Anna Azari who knows the problem not by hearsay was saying that the people fighting against terrorists have no right to change their mode of life. The director of the STB TV-channel international department Yevgeny Fedchenko spoke about a certain terror legitimization as a consequence of the unjust world resources distribution. He underlined that violence is the priority of the poor and they are, unfortunately, bigger in number than the rich. The problem is that this violence is headed not by the oppressed and offended but by rich and educated people following their instrumentalist goals. How to prevent the emergence of new Pol Pots, Karloses, Ben Ladens? None of the round table discussions can answer these questions yet.


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