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July 2002
5762 Av

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June 29-30 the VI All-Ukrainian festival of Jewish art "Shalom, Ukraine!" under the auspices of Ministry of Culture and Arts was held in Kiev backed by the Jewish fund of Ukraine, "Joint" and Center for support of national cultures. The jury headed by Merited Artist of Ukraine Alla Rubina assessed appearances of over 250 talented performers from all regions of Ukraine. The festival presented famous singers, professional and amateur musical companies, folklore dance groups and ensembles of kleizmer music.

The laureates of the festival became: choreographic collectives "High spirits" from Lvov, "Vodograi" (Belgorod - Dnestrovsky, Odessa region), "Shtilim" from Nikolaev; singers Irina Rozenfeld (Kerch), Nadezhda Pidgorodskaya (Uzhgorod), Apaid Grigoryants from Simferopol; children's vocal ensemble "Feigele" from Lvov, ensemble of Jewish song "Crimean accord" and duet "Shvester" from Simferopol; kleizmer ensembles "Khokhma" from Lugansk, "Mazl Tov" from Shostka and ensemble of Nikolaev society of Jewish culture.


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