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July 2002
5762 Av

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If we compare, following the advice of a classic writer, the recent and previous centuries, we should admit a prior life was simpler, more understandable and, most important, more predictable. For instance, you get hold of any departmental edition, say, the magazine "Soviet stock-raising" and may be sure this respectable printed organ in unlikely to bring any surprise. Except that on the eve of another historic congress of the beloved CPSU a leading milkmaid from a Shchekin district of Tula region would gladden readers with a report on a record yield of milk owing to wise party decisions. Here an ideology component would terminate and the magazine would proceed with its professional themes. If the magazine dared to publish any recommendations to combat something, they would concern, as a rule, a foot-and-mouth disease, not a hydra of international Zionism.

It is different nowadays. I have recently decided to look through such seemingly respectable and scientific journal under the neutral title "Personal" (#3/2002/) published by the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM). I repent, I was tempted by a subtitle "Journal for everybody working with people". The proposed methods of "working with people" appeared highly specific. This could be seen from the very first pages hosting the article entitled "Zionism: ideology of "Ubermenschen". The article's author - a twice Doctor of sciences and twice President (of IAMP and of International Personnel Academy) Herr Shchekin forewarns his call on a march against Zionism with the words that "the matter to be tackled with in the article" concerns not only him personally but... the entire humanity(!) as well. In other words, he acts "not out of interest but only on behalf of the entire mankind". Well, let's read it. Herr Shchekin's concoction strikes, first of all, with a mixture of principally incompatible ingredients.

So, the first course. In his work Herr twice Doctor blames "Bolshevik's coup d'etat headed by Ulyanov-Blank". At the same time he repeatedly and ecstatically quotes the "Concise political dictionary" published by "Politizdat" in 1988. This wonderful mine of knowledge informs that "international Zionism represents a tool of imperialism in the struggle against the socialist commonwealth and international communist and working movement". But the annotation to the book runs, "Dictionary contains concise characteristics of the terms, notions... that reflect economic and social policy of CPSU in the light of decisions of the XXVII party congress, XIX All-Union CPSU conference and subsequent plenary meetings of CPSU Central Committee".

I shall unveil a great secret to Herr twice President: Ulyanov Blank not only headed the abovementioned coup d'etat but also founded a party which came to power ensuring this event, got at the head of the socialist commonwealth, communist and working movement. Besides, this party had founded "Politizdat" which issued the dictionary Herr Shchekin is so fond of quoting. What is, then, Herr Shchekin - an anti-Communist or true Leninist? It is impossible to be a good and bad boy at the same time.

To do justice to the authors of the dictionary they didn't let themselves equate Zionism they so much dislike with Nazism rooted, so to say, in a "rather wide Jewish midst". Herr twice Doctor creatively develops, as we may witness, party decisions, which he accepts as a guide to action. In the same way Herr twice President treats the historical, in his opinion, resolution by the UN General Assembly condemning Zionism as a "form of racism". Young IAPM's students may believe it, but we'll have to remind to all others about this joint triumph of professional anti - Semites of Soviet and Arab propagandist machines - the triumph Hitler himself would have envied. Should he had been able to attend that "historical" sitting, he would have felt at home there surrounded by comrades-in-arms. Then, in 1975, this very General Assembly adopted the decision Herr twice Doctor considers "historical". In my opinion, such a condemning Zionism resolution which was backed by representatives of Idi Amin's killers, emperor-cannibal Bocassa, red Khmers who had shed seas of their own people's blood and other "fighters for peace" deserves in no way less respect than a golden medal of International Personnel Academy. Though Herr Shchekin complains that the "historical decision" was "quietly" repudiated. But this is natural - shameful decisions are normally cancelled by those who have taken them.

To illustrate the racist essence of hateful Zionism, Herr Shchekin refers to Israel's Law on Return quoting a Pilkington who considers it necessary to have a mother-Jew "to get an Israeli passport". I would like to clear up whether Herr twice Doctor teaches his students to rely on the original and not on dubious compositions? Does he himself know this? Should he had bothered to read this very law, he would have made another discovery to himself - there is nothing about a Jewish mother making you liable to Israeli's citizenship there. Over a half of those who during the last decade have arrived in Israel from the former USSR and have been granted the citizenship in accordance with the mentioned law have never had a mother-Jew. So, both theory and practice compel us to quote the words of a famous literary hero, "Congratulations, citizen, who-have-lied". As for Herr Shchekin's opinion that the country which has adopted such a "law" should be accused of "creating a system of racial and national discrimination" - well, here you are. Jordan's law on nationality clearly defines Jordan's citizenship can be granted, considering certain conditions, to any person WHO IS NOT A JEW. In this respect I offer Herr twice President write another indignant article on this theme, but will he...?

Judging by the continuation of his article he is unlikely to write it. In this part he complains all citizens "of a Jewish origin" in all countries will "faithfully serve the interests of their "historic motherland" even being civil servants and receiving "money of local tax-payers". They, moreover, may "take posts of ministers, MPs, military and secret services' leadership; heads of presidential administrations" (it is of interest whether Herr twice Doctor means in the last case all states or only one, particular state?). If we call a spade a spade, Herr twice President champions here an introduction of a ban on occupations on the basis of nationality or, in plain words, discrimination. Whereas this already contradicts Ukraine's legislation.


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