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July 2002
5762 Av

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I have read a thrilling article by Ilya Tsirman "Price of a gift".

Unfortunately, the author didn't name the sponsor but I presume this is "Joint". In any case, the entire strategy of colonizing Jewish structures in CIS countries is associated namely with this organization. Libertarian indiscriminate interference into the affairs of, in particular, Jewish communities of Ukraine has long become an open challenge on the part of our "overseas philanthropists". Cynicism and absurdity of the idea to create a Community Center in Babiy Yar is another proof to this.

Do our sponsors consider the opinion of local, Jews? The latter are only a pretext for the former to get to colossal funds raised, strange as it may seem, for the good of a Jewish diaspora. What should be considered good is determined by functionaries-mediators who are to control the distribution of funds and non-interference into the affairs of communities.

Indifference of our authorities is surprising.

Do they care about what is going on in their native country? Shall we let Jewish children and youth (old people are unlikely to attend a would-be center) dance and entertain themselves on the bones of thousands of Nazi victims due to feeble-mindedness of our emissaries from abroad? Or isn't it reasonable to recall a feeling of human dignity and to show adherence to principles as Victor Nekrasov did? Are we ready for everything for the sake of money? Thousands of Jews in Kharkov share my opinion.

Naum Volpe, executive director
of Kharkov regional community

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