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November 2001
5762 Kheshvan

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The 5th International exposition of advertisement, marketing and mass media "REX-2001" ended in a success. There were photoflashes, advertisement shows, presentations, seminars, round-table discussions, conferences and disputes. All this is an attribute to exhibitions organized by the "Evroindex" company.

The present exposition is a jubilee. The first one was held in 1997. It is also a jubilee for the Association of the Jewish mass media of Ukraine, which took part in the first "Rex" immediately after its formation in August 1997. Five years of participation are enough to draw certain conclusions.

At the first "Rex" our stand was an exotic thing. Many visitors looked upon us as is on a strange animal. Jews were asking a standard question - "What are they?" - with a mistrustful smile. Non-Jews were interested - how many editions and who is the sponsor; right-wing nationalists - what language the materials were published in, why in Russian. One even asked who permitted us to participate. When I answered that it was the Constitution, he was rather surprised. So, at the first "Rex", together with curiosity, scientific interest, perplexity and hostility (very rare), there was an element of exotics, as if the elephant was walking in the winter street.

Much changed during these 5 years. The authority of the Jewish community has grown up. People in Ukraine became aware of who is who in this "stormy world". In 2002 there were no questions - "What are they?" Though there were still questions - "Why in Russian?" There was no blunt hostility. There was amazement. Many were surprised to see so many editions at the stand. On the whole, the atmosphere around our place was benevolent and respectful.

Why do we participate in the "Rex" expositions? Though nobody already asks such questions nowadays, I'll try to answer. The classical formula says: "Advertisement is the motor of business". If we assume that business means ideas, principles and concepts then you'll understand why we participate in exhibitions. We show ourselves to the whole world, to people, to the society. This is our maximum program. The minimum program is the demonstration of our abilities - 28 newspapers and magazines, 6 radio and TV programs working in the Association. What to attract visitors by? How to make us seen among strong companies with huge funds, professional advertisers and designers?

Our stand was in the center of the Sport Palace. Our outward tricks (provincial photographer's corner with the sign "Stop for a shot" and others) were highly appreciated. According to information from the Exposition Organizing Committee, up to 30% of visitors got acquainted with our stand, with the AJMM activities, information was published about six TV programs - two international and four national. We also distributed newspapers, magazines, and booklets describing our activities.

Many people understand our association as a "Window to Europe", to the circles which have political and financial influence in the world. Professionals were interested in using the AJMM for advertisement and election purposes.

Are we pleased with our participation in "Rex-2001"? Yes, of course. We did our best to show ourselves, to attract attention to our organizations, to demonstrate our abilities and set up new contacts.

Goodbye, "Rex-2001". See you in 2002.


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