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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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Since November 1999 the Zhytomir synagogue is home to a club "La Yiddish" created under the leadership of community's Rabbi Yaakov Muzykant. During nearly three years every Monday and Wednesday club members gather to hold their meetings. There are 15 participants of different ages, professions and education in it. Our eldest member - Aaron Korchemmy, a participant of Great Patriotic war - is 77, our youngest - Volodya Politikin - is 30. We have workers, civil servants, retired officers. All of us are interested in a reviving a Jewish life. Club pays much attention to learning Jewish history, our traditions and customs, to modern life of State of Israel. A librarian Buzya Agres and coordinator of community programs Yulia Yesaulova render us priceless help in this.

None of us knew Hebrew previously. And now we master basics of this ancient language guided by a wonderful pedagogue, head of the club Oscar Kaplan. He teaches us voluntarily, on his own initiative.

We often hold live discussions and exchange opinions regarding the situation, life and problems of our community. But we indulge not only in lessons and discussions. There is time left for entertainment, familiarization with novelties of modern Jewish literature, for table games. Our champion in chess playing is a candidate to masters Arnold Grinfeld, in checkers' - Mark Vileshin. As a rule, club members mark all main Jewish holidays together. We often have lectures, exhibitions, meetings with interesting people. Recently the premises of the regional museum hosted an exhibition dedicated to our eminent countrymen - Zhytomir residents brothers Shterenberg: David - a famous painter, and Abraham - a photo painter. The Korolenko museum became a venue for lectures "V.Korolenko - a righteous man of peace", lectures dedicated to the 110th birth anniversary of I.Erenburg, to creative activity of M.Svetlov and others. We enthusiastically welcomed a concert of Jewish music by our talented performer, our countryman Semen Grinberg.

A trip to Kiev organized by our Rabbi Shlomo Vilhelm became a real fiesta to us. Our club enjoys a big popularity among Jews of our community; new members constantly join us. The task of our club at present is to further increase the number of its members and to include into its program learning our dear and loved mame-loshn.


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