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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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Rector of JPU named after Maimonid, professor Felix Levitas:

- The article in the magazine "Personal" deserves no scientific criticism. There is no science here at all. Suffice it to recall its statement that "Al-Kaida"'s head Ben Laden is Benya Landan. But such ridiculous nonsense can be found only in anecdote sections of Internet.

G. Shchekin's version of the situation in the Middle East does not correspond to reality. Truth is quite on the contrary. In late 1990s there emerged a historical chance to put an end to a long-standing Arab-Israeli conflict. Having recognized Palestinian Autonomy and having rendered assistance to Arafat's administration in creating its infrastructure, Israel went further and expressed its readiness to recognize Palestinian state. 90% of territories as well as Eastern Jerusalem were to go under a future state (in 1970-1980s no one dared even to speak about this).

It remained only to sign a treaty which formula was "peace in exchange for territory". But Palestinian leadership revealed no desire to follow this way. They gave preference to another alternative - to exterminate State of Israel - if not at once, then gradually. Terror was to intimidate Israel and make it more pliable.

By the way, there is evidence of Palestinians' having a serious financial support. Shchekin writes nothing about explosions in cafes, buses, hotels and in the street or about bandit shootings of the youth. This also is a consequence of distorting the essence of tragic events in the Middle East.


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