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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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Professor of T.Shevchenko National University Victor Gusev:

-This article evokes a desire to prompt its author to deepen his knowledge in the history of Zionism, in particular, political one. G. Shchekin should try to better understand how and under what circumstances (social, material spiritual) this movement emerged in the Jewish midst and what tasks it put to itself. In our opinion, a found in the article characteristic UNO gave to Zionism in 1975 bears no criticism. It is well known who initiated at that time a discussion of the question and actively strived for an adoption of a corresponding decision. The article is biased; it doesn't promote ethnic peace and accord in our country. In any case, an ordinary reader possessing no profound knowledge on the history of the Jewish people may form an obviously negative attitude towards Jews residing in Ukraine. Moreover, the article's material does not promote the authority of our country on the international arena.


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