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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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Peaceful development of our country is impossible without tolerant mutual relations of all its peoples. Ukraine has already made its definite choice - a way to a democratic Europe. That's why we are indignant at the attempts of definite political circles to destroy an interethnic accord.

We consider a series of publications in the magazine "Personal" edited by Interregional academy of personnel management (IAPM) one of such unseemly attempts. Sheltering behind the names of renowned political figures ascribed to the Board of Guardians of Academy and Scientific editorial board of magazine, editors of "Personal" have launched an unconcealed anti-Semitic campaign. They, alongside, try to pretend their writings are of allegedly "anti-Zionist" character. But published by "Personal" texts, in our opinion, are namely anti-Semitic since they totally distort not only events in the Middle East; but the entire history and religion of the Jewish people as well. As it tuned out, such respected people as governor of state of Michigan Mr. D.Engler, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador of India to Ukraine Mr. V.Soni and others have not got a slightest idea of being "part of "Personal". Whereas Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine Mrs. A.Azari has already denied a doubtful honour to be a correspondent member of the mentioned academy. Quite recently President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma has declared about inadmissibility of manifestations of chauvinism and anti-Semitism as phenomena discrediting Ukraine in the face of international community. We fully support this point of view and hope that "Personal" 's publications stirring up interethnic discord will attract attention of the organizations charged to legally assess manifestations of political extremism. We also address all political, state and public figures, whose names the newly brought to light "fighters against Zionism" from "Personal" and IAPM use as a shelter, with an offer to clearly define their attitude to anti-Semitic publications of this edition. We firmly hope attempts to stir up interethnic hatred in Ukraine will again fail!

Co-President of Confederation of Ukraine
Sergey Maksimov

Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine
Yaakov Dov Bleich

President of Jewish Council of Ukraine
Ilya Levitas

Chairman of Vaad of Ukraine
Joseph Zisels

June 4, 2002, Kiev

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