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October 2001
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Continued. See beginning in No 11(14)

Explicit anti-Semitism has flourished wildly in certain Russian newspapers on the fertile censorship-free soil. To exemplify, let's take an issue of the Russian newspaper under the distinctive title "I am Russian". Here come some clippings from an article by A. Shiropayev: "Prominent Jew Arkadiy Volskiy ... Primakov-Kirshblat ... speech by the Jew Tony Blair (they have already reached him too - Ya. T.) ... World's Jewish backstage ... the Jewish rule in Russia is unstable - the Russian people is ready to tear to pieces the bunch of Jewish parasites, swollen on its blood ... Don't worry, Jews and ethnic minors, you will play the master in Russia as ever... etc." Then comes the conclusion: "Left-winged centrism is the agony vomit of the zhydy world. The white banner of Russism is rising increasingly high. Hold ranks tighter together and the step sure! No compromises!"

The militant Shiropayev is echoed by his fellow-journalist V. Popov, who writes in the same issue of the newspaper: "Makashov, following the teachings of Monomakh, John the Terrible, Bogdan Khmelnitskiy and other great men, has called for expatriation of Jews from Russia... every Russian person knows who crucified our God, who exterminated millions of Russians in the 20th century... uncurbed impudence of Jews and Masons, who will pounce barking at anybody who will tell them the dreadful truth... etc."

Reporters are chorused by Russian writers. Take for example the Saint-Petersburg-published book "Black Angels Dressed in White" by V. Kozlov. Hardly on every page, the book contains the gems as follows: "Satans that have captured the power and media push into the hands of Russian people the spades, and, with a satanic laugh, watch those digging, on their order, a mass grave for themselves". To identify those "Satans that have captured the power and media" there is an explanation: "Let the Zionistic henchmen try to capture the national media and foul the people on whose republic's territory they live ... how they dread it (the Russian self-awareness - Ya. T.), the Zionists and their corrupted denationalized servants from the top-echelon. Denouncing the Stalinistic and Beria executioners, they will carefully leave out unmentioned those ones with non-Russian family names". Or the altogether bitter question: "Why was it Russia that in the early 20th century the world Zionism favored it for its monstrous experiments?" And there is more of this.

Kozlov's views are shared by his colleague A. Shchyolokov in the book "Black Tribunal", also published in Moscow. Paying tribute to the high moral qualities of the Russian people: "Russian mind is straightforward, not sharpened in craftiness and cunning. Russians are almost alien to falsehood (?- Ya. T.), etc." Then the writer shifts to woeful sentiments: "Our national spirit, pride, awareness of national unity and rapport have been undermined and defiled". But where is the reason for tragedy of this big nation? The author is ready with the answer: "The Russians, in their own country, have been pressed back by the Dzhyhuts (that is Jews, translated from Turk - Ya. T.). They are policy-makers and mould their own political figures. New leaders dance to the music played by the Dzhyhuts. Whose voice became the symbol of the courageous resistance to the enemy? Levitan's. Who has been the paragon of the cinema director? Gabrilovich. (Shchyolokov must have mixed Gabrilovich with Romm - Ya. T.). Who writes poetry better than Pushkin? Nobel-Prize winner Brodskiy. ... Who has the right to foul Russians in shit? Zhvanetskiy." and so on...

However, I. Lyskov has outstripped the mentioned writers. In the book "Assassination of Yesenin" we read: "Jewish belief, pursuing the goal of benefit for its God's people, treats explicit scam of the people, among whom Jews live, as the ultimate valor, openly calls for destruction of non-Jews communities. What else, but conscientious implementation of these Judaistic dogmas, can explain the present destruction of the environment by the Troskiy-inspired cranks, willing to "turn back rivers and register mountains". It is quite obvious that the Zionist executioner-administrative system and bloodbath, which they held for the Russian people in their own country, stem from the mere spirit of Judaism. With its repulsion to everything else, it has developed the most elaborate form of racism, which is international Zionism."

Here it is, Judophobic logic, if I may say so ...

To be continued ...

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