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June 2002
5762 Sivan

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First issue of the scientific pedagogical bulletin "Holokost i suchasnist'" ("Holocaust and modern times") of Ukrainian center for Holocaust history studies came out in April. Jewish Confederation of Ukraine and Jewish Communities' Development Fund in diaspora (JCDF, New York) financed the publication.

Bulletin is a scientific, analytical and pedagogic edition on the problem of history and interpretation of Holocaust in Ukraine and in Europe on the whole. Bulletin shall appear under auspices of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Institute for political and ethnic national studies.

We extend our join-to-our-edition invitation to academics - historians, philosophers, culture specialist from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Germany, USA and other countries. Bulletin will highlight different aspects of Jewish history under Nazism - problems of ghettos and death camps, collaboration and salvation, Ukrainian-Jewish relations, spiritual and armed resistance, newest archival studies on the history of Catastrophe in Ukraine, problems of revisionism and rejection of Holocaust, issues of psychological, philosophical and theological interpretation of Shoah, Holocaust in arts, humanitarian aspects of this problem in the widest possible sense, polemic material.

Many of these aspects of Holocaust history have already been highlighted in the first issue of the bulletin, in considerably profound materials of Tsvetan Todorov, Ster Yelisavetsky, Yulia Smelyanskaya, Artur Fredekind, Mikhil Tyaglov, Ilya Kabanchik and others.

Looking toward to receiving your materials!

Our e-mail: holocaust_center@ukr.net


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