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June 2002
5762 Sivan

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From May 5 till June 2 a destructive sect of evangelic essence "Jews for Jesus" held a propaganda campaign in Kiev. The sect members extended leaflets in the crowded places. They called Jews and Orthodox believers to accept extremely light version of evangelic Christianity. Sectarians also offered Jews to say a so-called prayer of confession. Its essence is recognizing Jesus as Messiah.

The thesis of Jesus-Messiah contradicts with all basic provisions of Judaism. That's why it is unacceptable for Jews. In sectarians' instructions they are taught to speak about the love to Jewish people. At the same time, the activity of sectarians is directed at a complete elimination of Jews as a nation.

Judaism acknowledges the right of every man to have a way of perfection within the frames of the tradition he was born in. From the Jewish point of view, an Orthodox believer serves to the Most High in the way he was precepted. That's why, respecting freedom of conscious of all citizens of Ukraine, we think it our duty to warn people about a missionary danger.

"Maggen" League, created on the initiative of Jewish organizations of Ukraine, holds a joint with all other Kiev Jewish organizations and communities informational action "You have the right to know truth!" Our purpose is to inform about sectarian attempts to take both Jews and Orthodox Christians through fraud away from their ancestors' faith. Our work on Kiev streets helps understand we deal with the sect ready for any fraud to attract people.

Some of their pronouncements helped even us, who are well aware of sectarians' perfidy, to ascertain once more in their true intentions. That's what people who are ready to infinitely swear love to the Jewish people on the whole and to every Jew individually actually think of those who do not side with them. Lera B, a volunteer of an antimissionary campaign organized by "Maggen" League tells May 22 near the "Vokzalnaya" metro station a tall fair-haired man in the uniform of "Jews for Jesus" asked her why she didn't want to repent and for how long she would listen to "silly Rabbis". Having introduced himself as an Orthodox priest (though it is well-known Orthodox church sharply condemns sectarians), he ordered Lera to get away "in the name of Joshua". He threatened he would call his master and she would catch it. She answered she has another master-God. He replied he had bought this square and is the only person to hand out informational materials. In the end she heard a characteristic question, "Was a pogrom of Brodsky's synagogue not enough? Jews draw new pogroms on by themselves". Isn't it anti - Semitism in the most unconcealed form? It turns out "Jews for Jesus", dreaming to save "lost sheep" and loudly declaring love to Jews, are in fact that intolerable with regard to a Jewish point of view!? The answer is simple - during this Kiev campaign "Jews for Jesus" felt for the first time they are actively opposed by united forces of the city Jewish organizations.


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