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May 2002
5762 Sivan

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David Goldovsky, architect.

I think that it is a memorial place. All what was planned to build in Babiy Yar before takes us away from the place of the horrible tragedy that took place during WWII. So, it is should be a memorial museum. Architects and public leaders tend to forget that "Babiy Yar" in Hebrew means "popularity will come to the forest". It did come not because the forest was nice but because it became the symbol of the Catastrophe of European Jewry.

I am deeply convinced that the supposed construction in this place is somebody's personal desire.

I have a strong feeling that the Jewish people would favor a memorial park in this place and a simple structure once designed by Aba Meletsky. He suggested building a dome with a museum beneath, no more. The dome was turned into numerous domes in Kiev, but Meletsky's project was forgotten. This is a common thing to projects, the authors of which want to immortalize the memory of Jews but not their own names.

The tragedy's depth should be adequately reflected. People who want further development of Jewish life in Ukraine have their own point of view. By concentrating Jewish life in Babiy Yar we, thus, cut it out of others. My before-war friends, not only Jews, who are buried here, would not accept this approach. They would say: "You have to remember us all, we all came from Adam."


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