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May 2002
5762 Sivan

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Mark Bruk, Director of the religious and educational organization "Aish HaTorah".

It is always easier to rely on the past than on the virtual future, especially of the Jewish one. The thing is that Jews always reckon on God who is all mighty. Unfortunately, the brightest pages of Jewish life are very tragic. So, such places as Babiy Yar possess some holiness. For example, Rabbi Nakhman asked to be buried in Uman at the place of mass massacre of Jews. Now, the synagogue is being built at this place. Thus, some kind of spiritual channel is being formed. The same aim pursues the commemorative kadish.

The word of memory of the perished creates a link between the spiritual word of God and memory of the killed, a part of the community perished in Babiy Yar. On coming here, Jew believers always read the kadish. It is a very important spiritual enrichment of life.

Of course, dancing in the cemetery is nonsense but the place can be reasonably used for studying the psychological aspect of Jewish thinking, Hassidism that was born in Ukraine. It is also possible to set up here the Institute of a Jew.

It is very important to introduce a comprehensive monitoring of spiritual enrichment to balance material and spiritual assets.


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