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10/29 May 2002
5762 Sivan
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Whose interests will deputies-Jews defend in VR? They will lobby, in the first turn, interests of their parties. They were not at all elected after «Jewish lists».
A new program has been launched by Jewish Confederation of Ukraine - establishing monuments in places of mass burials of Jews - fascism victims.
It is highly important not to leave Israel alone. Israelis should feel somebody backs them in their struggle for survival...
An ideological component has resurrected in Israel as a reaction to total insecurity. Zionism has revived - nothing else remained to be done.


Kiev. Association of national cultural societies of Ukraine (ANCSU) held April 24 a round table "Mass media of national minorities in Ukraine: development problems". Chairmen of State Committees: for national migration G.Sereda, for religious issues V.Bondarenko, for informational policy A.Semyonov and others presented their committees' activities. Round table participants congratulated ANCSU Chairman A.Feldman on his election to the Verkhovna Rada. Greetings were also extended to the editorial board of newspaper "My Motherland" on its 5th anniversary.

Head of ANCSU regional representation in Lvov Z.Mirskaya, editor of the "My Motherland" newspaper Y.Sivachenko and others told about activity and problems of national minorities' editions.

Kiev. ADL of Ukraine and Association "For interethnic peace and accord in Ukraine" came out with protests regarding the pogrom of Kiev Central Synagogue. ADL links this attack with stirring up of neo-Nazism encouraged by the decision to equate participants of the SS "Galichina" division fighting on the side of German Wermacht with soldiers defending the country from fascism. ADL demands to institute criminal proceedings against pogrom-makers who have attacked synagogue in Nikolaev and Kiev, as well as those who publish and distribute Nazi literature in Ukraine.

Kiev. Council of representatives of national minorities' public organizations under President of Ukraine addressed Ministry of Education and Science not to include studying Holocaust of Jews under fascist occupation into manuals as a separate section, but to consider this tragedy within the course "National minorities during Great Patriotic War" which is not envisaged by curricula yet.

The Ministry's center of higher education rejected this offer having noted it contradicts international commitments of Ukraine (Stockholm forum and others), as well as the established practice of teaching Holocaust problems at educational institutions in Ukraine.

Alexander Naiman

Dnepropetrovsk. May 6 the Dnepropetrovsk House of Scholars hosted a city presentation of the Book of Memory. The event was dedicated to the 57th anniversary of Victory over Hitler's Germany. Much was said about a huge scientific and research importance of the work done, about its common humanist sense. The gathering welcomed speeches by DISOR director V. Danovich, chairman of Dnepropetrovsk city council of Jews- war invalids and veterans S. Bass, Jewish religious community's office manager A. Fridkis and others. Lots of warm words were addressed to the editorial board, as well as to sponsors - "Joint" and Dnepropetrovs Jewish community.

After site of Dnepropetrovsk community

Khmelnitsky. One of the most remarkable dates uniting peoples of our country is May 9. Bitter tears of mourning, tears of joy after long separation, embraces of survivors to have seen a great Victory Day in are seen everywhere. Joy is common irrespective of ranks, irrespective of a number of battle awards.

It doesn't matter whether one fought on a front-line or toiled in the country to advance the victory. Nationality is of no importance. Memory is common, memory about those who lost their lives on the battle-field, who were savagely plagued the life out of, who died from wounds. Memory about victims of famine and maladies. This memory should live forever.

To preserve this memory a new exposition "Chronicles of Victory" opened in the museum KRF "Hesed-Besht". Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, workers of the regional local history museum and regional achieves, representatives of national minorities, city and regional administration were invited to the opening ceremony.

Exposition included materials of regional museums and archives, document from personal archives and collections, video - and photo materials. Head of the regional department for national minorities, migration and religion Y. Blazhevich highly estimated the exposition. It attracted attention of city pedagogues, and in the newest future the museum KRF "Hesed - Besht" will host a series of lectures for pupils of the city schools.

Memory of those faraway terrible days should be conveyed from one generation to another. Only in such case we will manage not to let the WWII tragedy occur again.

Eduard Belfer

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