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May 2002
5762 Iyar

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The poet's words "Russia, the truth of mine"// "Lost Palestine"// "Such different sceneries"// "We are all tied by one spider's web" have acquired a new proof nowadays. The German sixty-year-old demand "Rus, surrender!" as well as the same demand during the Chechen campaign from the lips of a European humanitarian, has been transformed today into no less imperative command "Yid, surrender!" This is all united Europe can say now, no more. Those propagandists who used to work with Russians were even more polite. They supported their demands with promises like "we'll give you tobacco, vodka and balalaika (common human assets). Israelis are not promised anything. Surrender, that is all. This is the demand of human Europe supporting Arab terrorists and leaving no chance to Israel. Such position has an economic and material background. Europeans try to avoid the 1973 oil crisis, "loop". To avoid it, the Europeans are ready to sacrifice not only Jews but even close relatives. However, their readiness is rather forestalling. The loop-makers, that is Arabs, are not in a hurry. Until now they simply stick to ritual incantation. No comparison with the 1967 or 1973 enthusiasm. Of course, "when people are afraid, they are vile, they begin like God but finish like a swine". However, there is no rational motivation to give in without any threat. The situation is that the chief adherents of the Arab cause are not Arabs, as one could expect, but the Europeans, and this is beyond any rational understanding.

If the oil crisis could be resisted (the country survived in 1973 and even restructured its economy) then the peace making is something different and not clear cut. The national-liberation struggle is a living and developing process. Assume that Israel agrees upon everything that Europeans ask it to do, even with grave consequences for Israel. Say, let's stop playing. Down with the artificial Zionist education. Let it be so. Does it mean that the national-liberation struggle will come to an end? On the contrary, it will grow in scale. This struggle is precedent by nature. If it can be empirically proved that a young quickly growing nation can capture land by terrorist methods why should it limit itself to the Holy Land. Europe, though not holy, is also a good piece of land. If it is possible to liberate Falastine from Zionist invaders why isn't it possible to free Franstan (at least the southern parts for the beginning) from French occupants? This is the problem of time when ethnic pressure bursts the lid off. To recognize that Israel by fighting for its existence also defends Europe means that Europe is at the threshold of a new massive population move (See IV-VII centuries B.C.) The defeat at the Israeli front means that the national-liberation movement gets stronger and will go further. When pride grows in the heart like fat on the pig (I mean the complacent newest humanitarity) it is hard to understand that the words "destruction comes when people begin speaking about peace and well-being" refer to me directly, here and now. Who from the European elite will be able to carry such a burden? It is much easier to dislike those from whom unpleasant news comes, that is Israel, but like the source of pleasant news, that is the Arab propaganda that convincingly explains to the Western audience (for Arabs - information is somewhat different) that it is not terrorism but the noble struggle for human rights - nothing more. The united demand of Europe - "Yid, surrender!" is addressed mainly not to Israelis but to Europe as a hysterical attempt to shut itself from the advancing sinister reality.


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