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April 2002
5762 Iyar

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Dreams come true if a desire is strong. Theatrical stars emerge if somebody needs this. The head of the Khmelnitsky regional charitable foundation " Hesed Besht" Igor Ratushny was burning with the idea: to make art lovers glad with a musical show and to create a theatre-studio which was later named "Reidl" - "Wheel". The invitations were sent to the producer Ivan Kroplis, to the ballet-master - Merited Artist of Ukraine Alexandre Shimansky, and the theatre's wheel started rotating.

Rehearsals lasted four months, there were over twenty variants of the performance's script written by poet Andrei Kondakov. There was everything: arguments, moments of success, disagreements, leavings and comings of actors whose backbone composed the Foundation's workers, tiredness from the furious tempo of daily post-work rehearsals and hope everybody needs it. We have acquired cloths iridescent like a rainbow of our life, our love, our patience, light and pain.

We have got puppets - the symbol of our joy. We have found the name for the performance - "Her heart's melodies".

This performance is about the life of a provincial theatre's actress who has devoted all her life and love to the theatre and actors. Her actors performed on the stage of an old Jewish Shtilman theatre in the town of Proskurov. Some of them have left for different countries and some - have passed away.

Producer I. Kroplis and ballet-master A. Shimanov discovered to themselves a new horizon of creative opportunities and a new field for experiments. They taught the actors to move, to talk, and to dance on the stage.

This performance is a hymn to Theatre, a confession of Actress (Tamara Grelya-Kitsak). Separate episodes united by the producer into a monologue of the actress become short stories of one theatrical novel. Spectators hear a prayer performed by our countrywoman, People's Artist of Russia Yelena Kamburova, see miniatures "Buy cigarettes", "Trammie", 'Smoke from a cigarette", "Jewish vaudeville". The performance rotates in a "wheel" of life in the same breath, and the stylish modern choreography by A. Shimansky makes the action dynamic.

The audience is strongly impressed by the "war photos" and the song "Dark night" performed by A.Muzika. Actresses A. Kuligina and M. Andreyeva revealed themselves in a new unexpected emotional style. It was interesting to follow the parts played by L. Shvartsman, L. Pisklova, O. Ustinova, I. Gerasimenyuk. Plasticity and expressiveness shown by B. Shkarupa, A. Klopotyuk, T. Romanchenko, G. Rozhkosvkaya, I. Zhukova, V. Mulyar, R. Tsatskis, D. Bondar, I. Stavnichy. N. Rybar made the show colorful and easy to memorize.

Three opening nights drew full houses and attention of the Khmelnitsky newspapers.

Their opinion was unanimous: director I. Ratushny, producer I. Kroplis, ballet-master A. Shimansky, actor A. Kondakov had created the performance - ode to the art of spirit and heart and proved true art is boundless.

We tend to hope that not only the spectators of Khmelnitsky, but residents of other regions in Ukraine and abroad as well will be able to see the performance.

The residents of Khmelnitsky are looking forward to enjoying Jewish melodies and songs in other shows by the theater-studio "Reidl". Everybody will find his heart's melody.


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