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April 2002
5762 Iyar

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I ask myself a question: why are the leaders of the "Hesed Shaare Tikva" located in the Chernishevsky street, 34 in Kharkov so deaf? Mr. A.A.Galkovich, head of the public catering department, is a bit over 25. He previously headed the "Maalot Hesed" and was discharged from the director's post. I request, plead not to harm me, my health. For three years I had been attending the canteen of the Jewish kindergarten where I could have tasty, fresh, hot meals, but they took this away from me. Neither A.A.Galkovich, not the Foundation director Y.M.Murashkovsky have heard me. They deliver food to my home under the pretext of "avoiding traumatism" (I walk much, help other people who are really helpless). My established regime is violated, the next day the food is not tasty (deliveries occur once in two days). I am worn out expecting another delivery and sadly ask myself "Why?".

Such attitude of the leaders of the "Gates of Hope" killed my interest in the Jewish traditions the "Hesed" aroused in me, as well as the belief in Commandments of Good stated in the Torah.

The "Gates of Hope", though located in the very center of Kharkov in a crowded street, is a blind alley to me.

Wrong people have taken to Yiddishkite in Kharkov. What a pity.

Krasnopolskaya Nina Vladimirovna,
April 6, 2002

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