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April 2002
5762 Iyar

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To Editor-in-Chief
of the JCU informational analytic edition
"Jewish Observer"
Vitaly Nakhmanovich
Copy: to the "Joint" Regional Representation Director
Dani Gehtman

Edition 2/21 of the "Jewish Observer" from January 2002 contains the article "Next stop Africa..." by Mikhail Dor about the conflict between "Joint" and "Maalot Hesed" with the participation of the war invalid S.M.Svitsky who is the chairman of the Kharkov City Organization of Jews - war invalids and veterans.

The Council of Kharkov City Organization of Jews - war invalids and veterans has read the materials published in your newspaper and in the "Madregot" newspaper which founder is the :Maalot Hesed", as well as the open letter by the Hesed director B.S.Birenbaum concerning the conflict between the Hesed Board of Guardians and the "Joint" Regional Representation, and has arrived at the following common opinion:

1. We consider it inadmissible when the Board of Guardians and leadership of the "Maalot Hesed" use the authority of our organization as well as that of its chairman S.M.Svitsky to solve the argument between the "Joint" and "Maalot Hesed".

2. The letters sent by S.M.Svitsky containing the complaint on the alleged violations by the "Joint" and its director Mr. Dani Gehtman have not been discussed and approved by the Council of our organization.

The facts set forth in these letters have not been proved with the documents (the Council does not dispose of such materials), except the fact that the financing of the "Maalot Hesed" has been terminated.

3. The Council of the organization extends gratitude of all members of our organization to the "Joint" KRR and its director Mr. Dani Gehtman for the material and moral support.

Owing to this financial support the Kharkov City Organization of Jews - war invalids and veterans has been able:

a) to render material support to the elderly and war "bed - patients" to purchase expensive medicines 6000 hryvnas worth.

b) to publish two books:

"The joint struggle of the Jewish and other peoples against Nazism in the years of the Great Patriotic War" in 2000, and "They fought for Motherland" in 2001. The latter describes the feat of arms by the war invalids and veterans who now reside in Kharkov. Both books tell the truth about the war, about heroic deeds of the sons of the Jewish people in the struggle against fascism;

c) to help the war veterans subscribe to local and Jewish periodicals: 450 newspapers have been subscribed to in the first half-year of 2002;

d) to congratulate veterans with their birthdays and present them gifts;

e) to organize festivities with served tables on the holidays - the Day of Motherland's Defender, Victory Day, Day of Kharkov's liberation from German fascist invaders; as well as on the Jewish holidays - "Purim", "Pesah", "Rosh a-Shana" and others.

4. The Council of the organization underlines that the "Joint" Regional Representation in the person of its Director Mr. Dani Gehtman has been showing care and attention to the needs of war veterans over the entire period of existence of our organization. Any requests by our Council have always been met.

Our organization has never experienced any pressure or interference into our internal affairs by the "Joint" Regional Representation.

5. This is a unanimous decision of our organization, all Council members including.

Deputy Council Chairman M.Zamarin
Secretary F.Milbaver

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