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April 2002
5762 Iyar

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December 24, 2001 the biggest research center of military strategy and intelligence "Research AFI" published the detailed account on the situation with. Ben Laden and his organization. Its author Richard Bennet asserts Ben Laden is not only alive but he has managed to take all the necessary equipment together with experts away from Afghanistan. Ninety percent of his militants have also survived. The Al-Kaida's network keeps existing in forty countries of the world. Two days later the Arab TV-station "Al-Jazeera" showed a videotape in which tired and thin Ben Laden tells the world about his victory. The man in a turban and with a machinegun calls on his co-religionists to strike against the American economy.

The "Times" magazine intended to declare Usama Ben Laden the man of a year, but in the last moment it changed its mind and decided to pay tribute to the former New-York Mayor Juliagni. But Juliagni retired whereas Ben Laden hasn't said his last word yet.

I recalled the shock after the explosions of September 11, the ensuing wave of compassion for the dead and then the words by Gaon Vilensky that he would meet the demonstration of Ishmael's strength in holiday attire for that would be the sign of great accomplishments. To deeply analyze on the newspaper pages the essence of the coming events we should seriously refer to the previous human experience asking ourselves one question, "What does Ben Laden's phenomenon teach us?"

Usama Ben Laden, as well as Ishmael on the whole, has come out not only against America and the West. This apostle of Mohammed's sword in his every speech casts a challenge at Israel as well. Moreover, he declares Israel the main enemy.

Now, let's put aside a natural aversion to the killer of thousands of peaceful inhabitants and start reasoning in cool blood. We have a man who knows the liberal West well enough and could enjoy all its advantages, as all his family does, but who has decided to declare a war on it.

Nineteen students-suicides were also not zombie fanatics from poor families. Ben Laden sent them to death, but he himself risks his life.

This is the sunset of the world order's liberal theory. The export of the American way and level of life seemed to have put an end to wars and conflicts. According to the ideologists of liberalism, Ben Laden and his companions-in-arms should not have emerged at all. They have seen "Santa-Barbara", they aptly use modern business. What is worse, Ben Laden fought against the USSR in Afghanistan and managed to go through special training, as well as many of his accomplices did, and now he has stepped against everything Western. Moreover, Ben Laden is a winner for now.

We are used to telling anecdotes about the Arabs running away from us in 1967 bare-foot. Over one third of the century has passed. We face now the war against the cruelest and shrewdest enemy. His main strength lies not in arms or electronic system of information. Ben Laden gains his victories owing to other system of values that has proved its efficiency in the struggle against the Western social and state structure.

This apostle of evil is right in stating the victory will be his even if he dies in the nearest future. After the events of September 11, 2001 the number of people who accept Islam and join the radical Islam has increased several times. Unfortunately, the Western sources confirm these Ben Laden's words. He has actually proved that the might of self-sacrifice and intellect can win over any virtual form of protection of the sickly modern consumer's society. Looking at Israel of today anyone will be struck by the reluctance of yesterday's soldiers and heroes to decide on self - sacrifice. All arguments around the "future of the territories" are confined to the problems of security. Do Jerusalem and Hebron have no spiritual value to us and should they be used by modern consumers only as far as necessary? Such notions as motherland and sacred place have become just phrases in the Israeli liberal mass media. Everything boils down to petty egoism of petty people. If we ourselves are not able to rise over thousands of trifles, entertainments and enjoyments, then a cruel enemy arrives demonstrating the will-power we have lost.

He has hit America so far. But these strikes echo at us when militants-suicides explode themselves and die to kill the innocent. We are even afraid to admit how much feeble and faint - hearted we are in comparison with Ben Laden and Nasralla.

But Ben Laden rejoices prematurely. There are people among us who study heroic deeds of the Makkaveys and rebels of Bar-Komba. We remember the heroes-rebels of the Warsaw ghetto. The history of Israel's foundation is abundant in the names of courageous warriors who shed their blood on the way to independence. The present benumbedness under the yoke of the ideology of liberalism in the Jewish history will pass. Israel has people able to crush all ben ladens of the world with the might of will-power and self-sacrifice. The trouble is they are hardly seen and heard. But we can already notice some signs of awakening. Very many people in Israel talk nowadays of the need to have our own Ben Laden. Naturally, he must not be a relentless cynic who sends people to death out of his ambitions. Our Ben Laden should distinguish enemies from peaceful people. Moreover, we wouldn't need Ben Laden's example at all, but when there is no sacrifice for the sake of good, evil acquires still bigger strength.

I will put it in other words for those who haven't understood me yet: it is better to be ready for self-sacrifice and feat for the truth to triumph than to remain a victim of the evil strength.


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