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April 2002
5762 Nisan

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At last it happened! Last year, after long debates and hesitations, Tatarstan decided to give Christian Tatars the status of a separate people. Now a Christian Tatar writes "Kryashen" instead of "Tatar" in the nationality column. In other words, a Tatar should be a Muslim. If is not a Muslim, then he is not a Tatar.

Everything appeared to be clear with Jews. Even Israeli legislation does not recognize Jews in those of them, who changed their religion. But for some reason in Russia such groups as "Jews for Jesus", "messianic Jews" and other similar organizations are considered to be Jews. And what is more, they insist on being "real" Jews unlike other Jews, who are "not real". They say their Judaism is "true", while ours is not. For how long shall we stand and bear such disgrace? Why not follow the example of Tatars, and not make these "real" Jews write "vykrest" instead of "Jewish" in the nationality column? Then everything will take its place, and there won't be any deceit: "vykrests for Jesus", "vykrest community" - and everybody will understand that Jews do not have anything to do with this. Recently a respected member of a respected Jewish organization was shocked: "Why do you struggle against "Jews for Jesus?" They are Jews, they are like us! You turn out to be anti-Semites! How could you come to it? Christened or not - they are Jews. You should understand: it does not matter".

But for Tatars it does matter. Why should we bear with vykrests calling themselves "real Jews" and demanding crossing from all other Jews as well? We know incidents of loutish behavior. Our newspaper already wrote about Sid Rot, leader of the "Messianic Vision" mission, his books, sermons, and "miraculous healing". Recently such a phrase appeared on his site: "We will pray for Orthodox rabbis in Ukraine and Russia to accept Jesus as their Messiah and Savior". How can anybody call vykrests "Jews" after such words?!

"AMI" ("Narod Moy"), Saint-Petersburg

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