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March 2002
5762 Nisan

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The presentation of the third volume of "The Remembrance Book of Dnepropetrovsk Warriors-Jews" was held in Dnepropetrovsk. The edition lists the names of about 10 thousands warriors-Jews who were killed in the struggle with Fascism. The second and the third volumes include a new chapter, which is devoted to alive participants of the battles. The third volume of "The Remembrance Book" is of two parts, the second part comprises veterans' reminiscences and essays about the war heroes.

In 2000 the people who were crating "The Remembrance Book" extended their search activity and studied the events of the Holocaust. The employees of "Tkuma" helped the editorial board in this work a lot. Its results were included into the third volume as a special chapter "Holocaust in Dnepropetrovsk (nominal lists of victims, the righteous people of the world)".

At the presentation of "The Remembrance Book" many thanks were said to the sponsors, as well as to veterans, Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community members, "Khesed Minakhim" volunteers and wards, to those people who helped to make this edition as much complete and informative as possible.

Veteran Board's Appeal to all Jewish communities, veteran organizations and other non-governmental organizations of the CIS was adopted at the presentation. The Appeal stresses the solidarity with the people of Israel who fights for its independence and presents condolences to the families that suffered irreplaceable losses caused by Arab terrorism which is now raging all over the world, including the soil of Erets-Israel. The veterans of World War II emphasized the unity of the Jewish people all around the world and suggested holding meeting in all Jewish communities of the CIS to support Israel.

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