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March 2002
5762 Adar

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How urgerly bitter sound these words from the 121st David's psalm. They served as an epigraph to the family Polyachenko's exhibition, which was opened in the "Kinor" community center. Ask for peace... Everybody understands this commandment in his own way. The world for Polyachenko is the ecstasy of creation, with roots, which are unfortunately almost lost. We're talking about the Jewish synagogish creative work, which can rightfully be named the Jewish art unlike, for example, the Jewish literature or films, the definition of which rises lots of controversies. This art can not be separated from religious tradition, as well as any other folk art. It is sad to state that according to the greatest Israeli art critic Grigoriy Ostroskiy, the synagogish art is dying. Just small islets are left. And famous Ukrainian art critic Grigoriy Mestechkin, who showed Mariya Primachenko to the world, was able to notice those fragments and to overt them to the world. Maya Polyachenko and her children - Ester and Slava - extract from the depth of genetic memory traditional ornaments, pictures of lions, garden of paradise, unknown birds - everything that is typical for Jewish painting. There are no falsely, unhealthy pomp, obtrusive edification in it, and it's really important. Children do not lie and it's easier for them to grasp the "netto" tradition without attendant speculations and inner ideological disagreements. This family, keeping an pretentious way of life, is still creating even without any support from numerous Jewish organizations. Of course, an Artist should feel hunger, but he doesn't have to starve. It's really sad that this essential difference is so difficult to be understood by those who really can support Polyachenko. What's the point of our discussion, if they do not even match any of the existing charity programs. Helping old people is a really noble task, but you have to agree that many of being supported have their children who also help them. And poor children can surely have only poor parents. We have to think about it... It's our future and we are responsible for it.


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