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March 2002
5762 Adar

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Communication with some people may leave the feeling of a contact with eminent and high spiritual source. The reason of meeting with such people doesn't matter. Such feeling remains for a long time in those people who have visited a modest flat that is situated on the first floor of the typical multistoried house in Lutsk. It's hard to believe that Stalina Zelikovna Kropivsky, a hospitable owner at this flat, is the first group invalid. This clean and modestly furnished flat is very cozy. The walls of the rooms and corridor are decorated with pictures created by Tatyana, the second hostess of this amazing house. It's hard to believe that the slow-moving hands of this girl are able to create such a beauty. "Do you want to see how I draw?" - Tanya asks as if she has guessed my thoughts. So, I became a witness of a small miracle - a bright butterfly , created by an enchantress sitting by, appeared on a white sheet of paper. Tatyana Kropivskaja is the prizewinner of the Ukrainian President's Fund. She was invited to the creative laboratory for gifted invalids. There she got acquainted with the children writer Nikolay Onufriychuk. So a series of illustrations to his books was created. Though Tatyana uses crutches and wheelchair she manages to move in her flat and in the street freely. Tatyana tries to do unaided where possible. She created real masterpieces from branches, leaves, cones, flowers, stones that she gathered during her travel along the streets of her native city. Then Tatyana presents these works to her friends... Being an invalid since childhood, Tatyana never complains on her disability. Belief in God, loving mother and creative work help her not only to survive in this world, but to live the way that many physically healthy people can envy her spiritual health and strength of mind.

Stalina Zelikovna and Tatyana speak with gratitude about social workers of Volyn office of the ROBF "Khesed Osher". "Ritochka, Tatyanochka, Valera, Natasha, Maria, Alexandra Evseevna", - these are the names of people that became dear and close to them. "One more thing. If somebody wants to write us, if we're able to help somebody, - the women add, - inform people of our address: 43026, Lutsk, 11, Konyakina Str., Apt. 68".

Here are only a few articles from the list of services these women get from khesed: wheelchair and crutches, provisions brought to their home, TV repairs, hair dresser's services, cleaning of the house, repair of the ramp for the wheelchair. But the main points are out of this list. This is the solicitous attitude of the people that remember about birthdays, arrange exhibitions of Tatyana's works in the community, try to help with solving current problems and problems.

Having seen a note: "Kropivskys. Purim. Transport" on Rita Tikhonovich's table, I thought that the spirit of the reviving Yiddishkait helps us to live and be real people.


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