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January 2002
5762 Shvat

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There's a monument in the center of Brest (Belarus) to the Jews perished in 1941. The fascists annihilated more than 34 thousand people in two days then. But the monument in Brest is subjected to defilation not for the first time. The last incident has happened just lately. The vandals painted on the pedestal the Star of David, swastika and the gallows above. They also painted a cynical inscription nearby: "Kill the Jews!" One of the criminals was arrested. This was done for the first time, though the vandals for three times already have attacked the obelisk. Every time no efforts were exerted to find the bustards, which had done the crime. The police say that "it is busy up to the ears with other things." The monument was washed anyhow and the incident was forgotten. Nevertheless, many people in the town knew who had done the crime because the young neo-fascists didn't hide their "deeds". This time, however, the government of Israel interfered. When the official note of protest from the Israeli Foreign Ministry came, the local authorities decided to arrest one of the criminals. Though the neo-fascist told that hadn't worked alone, the police thought that it would be enough and the case was closed. The trial was to begin and the criminal was supposed to get at least a probation sentence. Then absolutely strange thing happened, he escaped. It was also strange when the police said that it was impossible to find him and he wasn't even announced as wanted.

It's quite possible that the criminal is freely walking around Brest. He seems to continue his "deeds". Soon several graves in the Jewish cemetery were painted with swastika and the Star of David with the gallows. This time the local authorities didn't react as well.

The bustards became so impudent that they began to display aggression to the Jews living in the town. Genadiy and Irina Buburack say that they are afraid to go out. At first, some young skinheads could be seen near their house. Then such words like : "Jews, go away!" and the same signs as in the cemetery and on the monument to perished Jews appeared on their doors. They were also threatened by phone and one day Genadiy was badly beaten by the bustards. Is it worth saying that the local authorities showed complete indifference? Can't they find punishment for these bustards? Maybe, it's worth sending Israeli policemen to Brest, if the local authorities can't keep the fascists under control.


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