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January 2002
5762 Shvat

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The scientific works collection under this title was probably the last one in this series. Lubov Chernova, the author and editor of this collection, said she would pass over this work to the Jewish research center "Tkuma". This center is supposed to publish similar editions. Articles on Jewish studies, Jewish philosophy and culture are gathered in the first chapter of the collection. Its authors review Jewish studies in philately, analyze national awareness in multicultural space, ethnopolicy and emigration processes in Ukraine. The chapter includes articles on the Catholic Church's attitude towards Jews, Sh.Dubnov's concept of national self-awareness, Bashevis-Zinger's novels, Kobbal's and Vedant's ideas, attempts of the Holocaust tragedy revision and Jewish perception principles.

The historical part includes publications mostly about processes of the late XIX and early XX centuries. Among these processes are the development of the Jewish education in Donbas, pogroms in Nikolaev region, communist repression against Hebrew.

The earlier period of the Jewish history is represented by the articles on the Jewish-German cooperation in Galitsia agricultural colonies, Jewish self-government and rent in Rech Pospolita, Ukrainian-Jewish relations in the XVII century.

The collection will be of interest to researchers and teachers of Jewish history, philosophy and literature.

Jewish thought through the ages: Issue N 5, Dnepropetrovsk, 2001, - p. 272.

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