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January 2002
5762 Shvat

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This historical ethnographical essay by Igor Achkinazi is dedicated to the people of the same name. The author thoroughly studied the historiography of the Krymchaky problem, different sources about this people's history and culture. Studying the problem of the ethnogenesis and ethnical belonging to Krymchaky, he describes the conditions under which the Jewish communities in the Crimea were formed in the late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, their history in the late antiquity, pre-Khazar and Khazar periods.

The essay of the Krymchaky ethnical history, since the end of the XV century till 1913, includes the description of their community formation process during the Osmansky Empire and Crimea Khanate Period, as well as their development in the Russian empire. The author also studies changes in Krymchaky's way of life during the Soviet period (20-30s), the Holocaust and participation in the war, transformation of the tradition, etc.

Discovering ethnocultural characteristics of Krymchaky, I.Achkinazi analyses their anthropological type, ethnonym, the language and literature, economy, types of housing, dwelling arrangement, social organizations, family life, ceremonies and beliefs, folk costume elements, food and folklore.

The present stage of the Krymchaky history began in 1989. Creation of the Krymchaky cultural and enlightment association "Krymchahlar" was the first landmark of this stage. According to the 1989 census there are 1448 Krymchakys living in the country, 604 of them reside in the Crimea.

Achkinazi I.V. Krymchaky. - Simferopol: Dar, 2000. - p. 192.

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